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Where Can Berlin Build the Affordable Housing It Wants? - CityLab
Berlin plans to build 200k new homes, and make a large portion of them affordable, but the question of where to put them (specifically, whether to redevelop brownfield sites within the city, or expand into green areas on the outskirts) continues to be controversial.
cities  germany  housing  power_in_city 
14 minutes ago by johnmfrench
Verzeichnis der Professorinnen und Professoren des deutschsprachigen Raumes vom 16. bis 20. Jahrhundert. via Pocket
academy  database  germany  history  prosopography 
4 hours ago by kintopp
Can Germany Revive Its Stalled Energy Transition?
Despite a massive deployment of wind and solar, Germany is behind it's targets for emissions cuts. It still hasn't done much to cut its coal dependence.
Did Germany cut nuclear power after Fukushima?
climate  germany  solar  wind 
13 hours ago by paulmr – Freier Zugang zu unseren Gesetzen
Freier Zugang zu unseren Gesetzen. Wir stellen das Bundesgesetzblatt in digitaler Form kostenfrei zur Verfügung.
german  germany  law 
14 hours ago by HusseinMorsy
Électrotechnique : La revanche du courant continu
HVDC high-voltage direct current
LCC line-commutated converter
VSC voltage source converter
transistors IGBT insulated gate bipolar transistors
electricity  energy  lang:fr  china  Germany 
17 hours ago by whilelm

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