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BigDIVA (Big Data Infrastructure Visualization Application) is a dynamic environment for browsing, searching, and interacting with the ARC (Advanced Research Consortium) catalog.This interface allows users to view all their search results at once rather than paging through endless lists of returns and hoping the search engine has put the most relevant items towards the top.
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5 weeks ago by jerid.francom
Describing Assemblages: Genre Sets, Systems, Repertoires, and Ecologies | Welcome to the DWRL
Genre theorists agree that genres work together in assemblages. But what is the nature of these assemblages? In this paper I describe four frameworks that have been used to describe assemblages of genres: genre sets, genre systems, genre repertoires, and genre ecologies. At first glance, they seem to be interchangeable, but there are definite and sometimes quite deep differences among them. I compare and contrast these frameworks and suggest when each might be most useful.
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10 weeks ago by jaimoe
Written in the Stars - Chapter 1 - Quixoticity - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek Hale is a lucky guy. He's got a great family, good friends, and a fulfilling job as a tattoo artist.

He's also one of the twenty-five per cent of the population born with a soul mark.

He likes his life, but he's waiting for his soul-match. The odds of meeting them aren't great but hey, Derek's a lucky guy. He has faith.

He can't believe how good his luck really is when one day his soul-match wanders right into his studio, all long limbs and copper eyes. There's just one problem: Stiles is there to get his soul mark covered up. Permanently.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  author:Quixoticity  rating:m  length:30-50k  stars:8  genre:romance  genre:friendship  genre:friends-to-lovers  genre:hurt/comfort  genre  genre:soulmate  genre:holiday  genre:AU-modern  &au  &angst  &pining 
11 weeks ago by asebi
Kitchen sink realism - Wikipedia
aka all those films that made me buy a Film Forum membership.
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