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Hilton Als on writing – The Creative Independent
"Your essays frequently defy traditional genre. You play around with the notions of what an essay can be, what criticism can be, or how we are supposed to think and write about our own lives.

You don’t have to do it any one way. You can just invent a way. Also, who’s to tell you how to write anything? It’s like that wonderful thing Virginia Woolf said. She was just writing one day and she said, “I can write anything.” And you really can. It’s such a remarkable thing to remind yourself of. If you’re listening to any other voice than your own, then you’re doing it wrong. And don’t.

The way that I write is because of the way my brain works. I couldn’t fit it into fiction; I couldn’t fit it into non-fiction. I just had to kind of mix up the genres because of who I was. I myself was a mixture of things, too. Right? I just never had those partitions in my brain, and I think I would’ve been a much more fiscally successful person if could do it that way. But I don’t know how to do it any other way, so I’m not a fiscally successful person. [laughs]

[an aside in italics:

"I was struck by this quote:

“I believe that one reason I began writing essays—a form without a form, until you make it—was this: you didn’t have to borrow from an emotionally and visually upsetting past, as one did in fiction, apparently, to write your story. In an essay, your story could include your actual story and even more stories; you could collapse time and chronology and introduce other voices. In short, the essay is not about the empirical “I” but about the collective—all the voices that made your “I.”"]

Do people ever ask you about writing a novel?

No. I could try, but It feels like a very big, weird monolith to talk about your consciousness as an “I” without being interrupted by other things. That’s what I don’t understand. That it’s just “I” and the world as I see it, when there are a zillion other things coming in. Fictional things that I’ve written I’ve not been satisfied with because I didn’t put in the real life stuff, too. So maybe I should just go back and do that. But I don’t think that one exists without the other for me. Fictional worlds are interesting, but real life is impossible to ignore."
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Angry Metal Guy Speaks: On Putting the -core in Genres | Angry Metal Guy
Genres serve a useful function for fans and reviews alike. They are handy shorthand we all use because it’s easier to tell someone that something is black metal than that it’s “got blast beats, tinny guitars, trem picking and it sounds like they should be singing about Satan, but the vocals were recorded in someone’s bathroom, so it’s tough to tell.” And while that doesn’t describe all black metal, it works as a shorthand for understanding what a sound is. What these people are doing is using genres as pejoratives, but that’s just dumb on multiple levels. First, they’re wrong. But secondly, when we use genres as pejoratives, we forget that most genres have really solid bands. I think that The Human Abstract was an excellent metalcore band and that’s OK. As far as I can tell The Faceless is not considered deathcore by the death metal dudes I know, and lots of my older friends who were into death metal loved Job for a Cowboy when they came out. I even like System of a Down, despite them being “nü-metal.” If your world is so small that you can deride things by genre, then you’re missing out on an amazing world of music that’s way bigger than your rigid tastes.
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How to get people to read their email
I'm hyper organized in that I know where nearly everything is, pretty much all the time. I have had to accept that this is a superpower, and stop getting pissed off about people being spacey, disrespectful cretins who expect me to wait on them with my brain.

Things I already do:

- write concise, short emails
- emails on one topic only
- ensuring every email has a descriptive subject line that accurately corresponds to the email's content
- use bullet points as needed to separate information

I appreciate all the advice, but I'm not really looking for suggestions on on how to write emails more effectively.
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15 days ago by craniac
Mr. Rogers Profile and Genre
But here’s the thing: that story, though considered something of a classic now, certainly wasn’t then. Indeed, it was considered something of a failure, or, at the very least, an embarrassment. 2/
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Contribute to genre-recognition development by creating an account on GitHub.
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« Je croyais que j’étais fainéante » : l’invisible combat quotidien des femmes autistes - AFFA - Association Francophone de Femmes Autistes
Julia Bascom, directrice exécutive du Autistic Self Advocacy Network et co-auteur de l'étude sur Autism Research, explique : « Il y a une tendance dans la recherche qui ignore les expériences et les témoignages des gens, et qui se concentre sur les parties de l'autisme les plus visibles pour les chercheurs neurotypiques. Alors que les personnes autistes ont tendance à décrire des choses comme le fonctionnement exécutif, le traitement sensoriel et le mouvement en tant que parties essentielles de notre handicap, la communauté scientifique reste malheureusement en retard sur nous ».
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Le Guin’s Hypothesis | Book View Cafe Blog
I keep telling myself that I’m done writing about Literature vs Genre, that that vampire is buried at the crossroads with a stake in its heart and garlic in its coffin. And then it pops up again, undead.
literature  genre  UrsulaLeGuin 
6 weeks ago by mournjargon
Flick Chicks | The New Yorker
Mindy Kaling's Types of Women in Romantic Comedies Who Are Not Real
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8 weeks ago by mkauffmann
////////// from “Commitment from the Mirror-Writing Box,” Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Woman, Native, Other
"Nothing could be more normative, more logical, and more authoritarian than, for example, the (politically) revolutionary poetry or prose that speaks of revolution in the form of commands or in the well-behaved, steeped-in-convention-language of “clarity.” (”A wholesome, clear, and direct language” is said to be “the fulcrum to move the mass or to sanctify it.”) Clear expression, often equated with correct expression, has long been the criterion set forth in treatises on rhetoric, whose aim was to order discourse so as to persuade. The language of Taoism and Zen, for example, which is perfectly accessible but rife with paradox does not qualify as “clear” (paradox is “illogical” and “nonsensical” to many Westerners), for its intent lies outside the realm of persuasion. The same holds true for vernacular speech, which is not acquired through institutions — schools, churches, professions, etc. — and therefore not repressed by either grammatical rules, technical terms, or key words. Clarity as a purely rhetorical attribute serves the purpose of a classical feature in language, namely, its instrumentality. To write is to communicate, express, witness, impose, instruct, redeem, or save — at any rate to mean and to send out an unambiguous message. Writing thus reduced to a mere vehicle of thought may be used to orient toward a goal or to sustain an act, but it does not constitute an act in itself. This is how the division between the writer/the intellectual and the activists/the masses becomes possible. To use the language well, says the voice of literacy, cherish its classic form. Do not choose the offbeat at the cost of clarity. Obscurity is an imposition on the reader. True, but beware when you cross railroad tracks for one train may hide another train. Clarity is a means of subjection, a quality both of official, taught language and of correct writing, two old mates of power; together they flow, together they flower, vertically, to impose an order. Let us not forget that writers who advocate the instrumentality of language are often those who cannot or choose not to see the suchness of things — a language as language — and therefore, continue to preach conformity to the norms of well-behaved writing: principles of composition, style, genre, correction, and improvement. To write “clearly,” one must incessantly prune, eliminate, forbid, purge, purify; in other words, practice what may be called an “ablution of language” (Roland Barthes)."

— from “Commitment from the Mirror-Writing Box,” Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Woman, Native, Other

[See also PDF of full text in a couple of places: ]
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