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Tarot Solitaire Card Games
This list is for solitaire card games with thematic or role-playing elements that use a standard deck of Tarot cards. Games that include the basic materials of dice, pen, paper, and counters may also be included provided that their use is minimal and Tarot cards constitute the central or defining gameplay component.
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11 minutes ago by elfwreck
[Changelog] Republic of Ireland Patch notes for version : ireland
Hello and welcome, I’m Leo Varadkar, lead developer of the MMO “Republic of Ireland”, which currently has 4,700,000+ players, and today we’ll be discussing changes coming eventually with the new patch.

-- genius
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yesterday by jm
So You Want to Play Dungeons & Dragons
Cool Google Doc with info on cool roleplaying games
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yesterday by hadvil
New Steam Game Offers One Bitcoin To First Player Who... | News | Cointelegraph
One bitcoin forms the prize the first winner of a new puzzle game may claim from Feb. 20. | News | Cointelegraph
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2 days ago by rockbandit

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