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if you try to break me, you will bleed - Chapter 1 - Dialux - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
It had been a slash across her chest from a White Walker’s sword that finally ended her life. Sansa’d landed in a puddle of her own blood, and she’d died quickly, quietly.

And then she’d awoken with a gasp, trembling, in a bed that had burned under Theon’s betrayal.
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I think I've let Tibs watch way too much Game of Thrones... Also he says winter is coming.
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3 days ago by jcoffey42
Until Thine Will Is Done - Chapter 1 - LadyTP - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
Sansa Stark, back in the restored Winterfell after the War of the Five Kings. By her side the man who used to be known as the Kingslayer. Also serving in the new North the man previously known as the Hound, and the warrior maid always proudly bearing the name Brienne of Tarth.

It is the long-awaited wedding day of Lady Sansa and Ser Jaime and Sandor Clegane is not thrilled. Especially when he has to live through the day again…and again…and again…

A groundhog day AU set after ‘A Dance with Dragons’ where Sandor has to live Sansa’s wedding day over and over again.
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4 days ago by unread
Wolf's Blood - manic_intent - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Ser Davos tells me that my brother Robb has done something rash," Sansa cuts in hurriedly, before Stannis rebukes Davos. "Is that true? He has broken his word to the Freys?"
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4 days ago by unread
New post (Kit Harington messed up his proposal to co-star Rose Leslie ...) has been published on -…
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Dances with Dragons: Dothraki and Hollywood Western Aesthetic
Sunday on Game of Thrones we finally got the Dany dragon battle we’ve been waiting for, and it was glorious. I do have some…questions on the battle strategy (which @miamckenzie breaks down as well here and here), but overall it was a rousing scene full of fire and tension and badassery and…well, a lot of references that made me as a Native person cringe.

There are certain tropes that abound when we talk about Native portrayals in film. Inescapable aesthetics and scenes that have been so deeply solidified in folks’ minds thanks to Hollywood Westerns. I just finished re-watching the documentary Reel Injun with my students this summer, so these ideas are fresh in my mind. Reel Injun does an incredible job breaking down where these stereotypes and tropes come from, how they grew in conjunction with the invention of film and political movements of each era, and how they still deeply affect Native film portrayals today. The film is available on Netflix, so I recommend watching if you’ve got an hour. It’s entertaining and funny too.

But one of the tropes used over and over again in Hollywood westerns is the “Indian ambush.” Innocent white folks, either camped with their covered wagons or traveling through the canyons of the West, attacked by brutal savages.
by:AdrienneKeene  NativeAmericans  racism  GameOfThrones 
12 days ago by owenblacker
I heard that love was out of my control - janie_tangerine - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
in which Bronn is way over in his head when it comes to Jaime Lannister, Brienne is amenable to sharing and Jaime has a crash course in learning what's good for him.
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15 days ago by shadowkeeper
Sit awhile and share my grief by Unseemingowl
Ramsay Bolton’s dogs were still eating when Jon was brought to the kennels, and amidst the blood and gore, the scent of Sansa's perfume lingered in the air.
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23 days ago by connie
Growing to Silver by Star_Crow
Davos had never felt such pride as when Jon ascended those steps. The direwolf had followed in his footsteps, laid at his feet. The dragon had sat beside and watched with ember red eyes, daring anyone to take a step too close to the last Targaryen.

No one did. No one would. From the howling cold of the North to the scorching sands on Dorne, they were all loyal to this boy and his throne.

Or: Jon gets his father's throne. It's the heaviest burden of them all, but Davos is there.
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28 days ago by connie
New post (It got littlefingered. Follow
...) has been published on Best ... -…
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