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Ice wall and creep - All this
> According to this article in the Washington Post, a glaciologist, Martin Truffer from the University of Alaska, has written a conference poster about the ice wall in Game of Thrones and how it couldn’t exist. There’s some stress analysis and material science in the article, so I thought worth at quick review.
mathematics  Science  leancrew  engineering  en  gameofthrones  GoT 
8 days ago by cbucher1
Equal Forces - seamscribe - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
SEQUEL TO UGLY PRETTY! AO3 user Jades once commented on that story: "It has been quite the journey for these two!"

You ain't seen nothing yet...

Part 2 of the Ugly Pretty series
fic  gameofthrones  au  -modernday  pairing:jamie/brienne  [40-50k 
17 days ago by shadowkeeper
fic_promptly | Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - Turn Left
Game of Thrones, Jon, Ned tells him who his parents are before he leaves for the Wall.
2017/12  GameOfThrones  Lonely 
22 days ago by fic_promptly
Clean hands - Gwen77 (orphan_account) - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Lannister was smiling widely and she shook his hand, reluctantly, because it would be rude not to and she was never rude. Lannister could afford to be rude, mocking, friendly, lazy, comfortable. She had to be professional, always, always. Her career wasn't like his.
fic  gameofthrones  au  -lawyers  -modernday  pairing:jamie/brienne  [10-20k 
26 days ago by shadowkeeper
The Street Lights Light Up the Town - Chash - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It basically goes like this: Bellamy is nervous about going on the red carpet, Clarke tells him to just go with Sansa and he'll be fine, some pictures are taken, and some people assume the James/Lily relationship is making the leap from fiction to reality.

Clarke says they should just go with it; Sansa figures it can't hurt.
the100  modernau  bellamy_clarke  gameofthrones  jon_sansa  hollywood!au 
26 days ago by bekap
Dragonfire and Blood by cjr2
Every choice was a decision between the lesser of two bad outcomes; everything was a balance between honor, loyalty, and the lives of those they cared about.
complete  ao3  gameofthrones 
4 weeks ago by connie
cover your eyes (do i feel right, darling?) by kattyshack
Jon Snow’s arrival at the Vale is met with trepidation and intrigue; after all, what could this bastard-come-prince want in this far-off corner of his kingdom? But Jon has heard the whispers that the Eyrie’s prized beauty is not a bastard of Littlefinger’s at all, but the daughter of Winterfell—and Jon means to steal her away.
complete  ao3  gameofthrones 
5 weeks ago by connie
Learn to Love What Burns - ladyannabethstark - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
After Robert's Rebellion ends with Rhaegar taking the throne, Sansa is sent as a ward to Casterly Rock. When ten years passes, she has very few friends and longs to be home again. When she's invited to King's Landing by a personal message from the king's daughter, she gets her first chance to leave her prison. After the journey to the city, Sansa is immediately greeted with the royal children and finds that they are much kinder than she expected. The youngest prince catches her eye and she his. As Sansa and Jon grow closer, they are forced to deal with abusive heirs, plots to overthrow the king, and a war.
GameofThrones  Jon/Sansa  first.time  ladyannabethstark  au  au:mirror  PrinceJon  JonTargaryen  unfinished.series 
6 weeks ago by southerly
RT : It's Official: ' Eighth and Final Season to Premiere in 2019
GameOfThrones  from twitter
6 weeks ago by pfenya
HBO confirms that ' final season will be six episodes premiering in 2019.
GameofThrones  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by svart
Going Medieval: 20 TV shows to watch while waiting for season 8. Cause you gotta fill your time with…
GameofThrones  from twitter_favs
8 weeks ago by jwynia
8 fantasy novels to read while you wait for the next season of Game of Thrones
Fantasy literature has a long history, and there are tons of excellent books that you might not have come across. Here’s 8 epic fantasy novels that kick off an entire series that you should check out, which should be more than enough to keep you occupied while we wait for the final season of Game of Thrones.
fantasy  books  sff  got  gameofthrones  novels 
8 weeks ago by danrobles

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