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Getting Things Done (GTD)—An Overview Of The System - Vanseo Design
Every year I set a goal to become more productive, which for me usually means looking over my current task management system, observing what I’m doing well and what I need to improve. via Pocket
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22 hours ago by LaptopHeaven
Scott Hanselman's Complete List of Productivity Tips - Scott Hanselman
Note Scott Hanselman (me): I had been meaning to write up my productivity tips for years. Isn't that ironic? However, after giving a presentation at SXSW on Productivity this year, Danny Schreiber from Zapier took it upon himself to do just that. via Pocket
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22 hours ago by LaptopHeaven
Getting Started with GTD Templates
Productivity expert Tiago Forte and Simplify Days team up to give you advice and Evernote templates to get started with Getting Things Done (GTD).
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yesterday by twleung
If you hear a faint scratching noise in the distance, that's me checking things off my to-do list today.
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2 days ago by bonni208
How I learned to suck less at GTD – Ambition & Balance
Like so many before me, I’ve tried and failed at GTD more times than I can count. This is how I finally made it stick.
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2 days ago by robhawkes

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