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Org mode for Emacs – Your Life in Plain Text
Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system.
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2 days ago by semanticdreamer
Why time management is ruining our lives | Oliver Burkeman | Technology | The Guardian
All of our efforts to be more productive backfire – and only make us feel even busier and more stressed (by Oliver Burkeman)
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6 days ago by jchris
在线阅读处理流程:从需求、到方法、再到工具 - 少数派
* [在线阅读处理流程:从需求、到方法、再到工具 - 少数派](
* [用 GTD 的方法结束稍后读 - 少数派](

* [为知笔记 Url2Wiz 服务](
* [Instapaper - send to kindle](
6 days ago by joelz
Model to prioritize - Strictly according to return on investment
I'll start by saying I'm a weird guy.
A long time ago I realized that people mean different things when they say 'priority'. If you only mean the 'value' of a certain task, then that's not a good way to prioritize, IMHO.
I've changed my model to prioritize strictly according to return on investment. I.e., how much value I or the company receives for unit of work.
In my professional project management and in my company, here's the algorithm that I pretty much use for every sort of task prioritization:
(1) I put together a list of items
(2) I put a relative cost (RC or C) associated with each item-- for a task list this tends just to be the hours you predict you'll spend.
(3) I hide those costs and then add some number that represents the relative business value (RBV or BV) of each item. (More on this in a second)
(4) I unhide things and then put another column that just calculates RBV/RC which indicates the return on investment (ROI) for each task.
(5) I then sort it all by ROI and work my way down the list in ROI priority order, always working on the tasks that offer the most ROI, I adjust values and costs (and re-sort) as my needs change, work completes, and as my understanding of each task changes.
The units used to value each assigned task is not really important. It's only important that tasks have a value that makes sense relative to each other.
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6 days ago by dusko
The GTD Resource Motherload: 100+ Links
In order to implement the GTD system in your life, we’re helping you out by listing over 100 links to articles, guides, information about special events and other resources related to “Getting Things Done.” Read below to find out more.
6 days ago by dusko
7 days ago by newfirewithin
Relative Effects of Forward and Backward Planning on Goal PursuitPsychological Science - Jooyoung Park, Fang-Chi Lu, William M. Hedgcock, 2017
Compared with forward planning, backward planning not only led to greater motivation, higher goal expectancy, and less time pressure but also resulted in better goal-relevant performance. We further demonstrated that this motivational effect occurred because backward planning allowed people to think of tasks required to reach their goals more clearly, especially when goals were complex to plan. These findings suggest that the way people plan matters just as much as whether or not they plan.
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8 days ago by nhaliday

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