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Apple's New Data & Privacy Portal Lets You Download Your Data
Apple has released a new data & privacy portal that can be used to download data that is linked to your Apple ID. This data can include transaction history, Apple app history, AppleCare history, marketing data, and more.
To access the portal, you need to go to ªª andºº login with the Apple ID associated with your account.
Once you are logged in, you will be presented with the "Get a copy of your data", "Correct your data", "Deactivate your account", "Delete your account" choices.
For the most part, the choices are self explanatory and in this article we will focus mostly on using the portal to download your Apple data. It should be noted, though, that the "Correct your data" option simply brings you to a page containing links to the Apple ID  and Apple Store account pages.
To download your data, click on the "Get a copy of your data" option and you will be presented with a page displaying the type of information that can be downloaded.
The data that can be downloaded using this portal includes:
App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Apple Music activity
Apple ID account and device information
Apple Online and Retail Stores activity
AppleCare support history, repair requests, and more
Game Center activity
iCloud Bookmarks and reading list
iCloud Calendars and Reminders
iCloud Contacts
iCloud Notes
Maps Report an Issue
Marketing subscriptions, downloads, and other activity
Other data
iCloud Drive files and documents
iCloud Mail
iCloud Photos
When downloading your data, it will be delivered in various formats. For textual data, it will be delivered as a spreadsheet or in JSON, CSV, XML, or PDF files. For binary files, it will be delivered in its original format. For example, images will be sent as image files and files stored in iCloud will be delivered as its native format.
Apple states that adding iCloud Drive files and documents, iCloud Mail, and iCloud Photos iCLoud Drive files will increase the size and time required to collect your data.
Once you have selected all of the items you wish to download, Apple will compile it into a downloadable archive. According to Apple this process can take up to 7 days to complete.
"As a reminder, this process can take up to seven days. To ensure the security of your data, we use this time to verify that the request was made by you."
While the archive is being created, you can check on its status by visiting
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yesterday by rgl7194
Macintosh Security: Apple's New Privacy Pages: Your Reading Assignment!
In this day and age, when the western world is being increasingly China-fied and Russia-fied, IOW devolving into totalitarian surveillance states, it's wonderful to watch Apple resist and insist upon user privacy. Good on 'em!
It used to be that Apple merely provided semi-annual transparency reports, annual white papers on Apple gear security and some diffuse documents about securing, hardening our Apple devices. Now, everything has been gathered into one area on their website for easy access along with elaborations no doubt inspired by EU's GDPR, General Data Protection Regulations.
Where to start:
Privacy - Apple
Our Approach to Privacy
Manage Your Privacy
Transparency Report
Our Privacy Policy
apple  data  privacy  GDPR 
yesterday by rgl7194
Apple’s full Data & Privacy Portal now available in U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand | iLounge News
Apple’s full Data and Privacy Portal is now available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, MacRumors has discovered. While the data download option is being gradually rolled out, soon all Apple users in those countries will be able to download a complete copy of the data that Apple has associated with their Apple ID, including not only the standard information such as calendars, reminders, photos, and iCloud documents, but also purchase history, Game Center activity, AppleCare support history, app usage history, and more. The expanded version of the Data and Privacy Portal, which previously only allowed users to correct their data or delete their account, launched earlier this year in the European Union in order to comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), although Apple said at the time that it would eventually be rolling out the feature worldwide. While Apple has allowed customers to manually request this data for some time, the new portal streamlines the process considerably.
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How to use Apple's data and privacy portal | iMore
Apple has launched a new Data and Privacy portal that lets you request changes to the data you've shared with the company. It also lets you delete your Apple ID and associated data. Here's how to use it!
With GDPR underway, you've probably already received a number of emails alerting you to privacy policy updates, new terms and conditions, and GDPR compliance from many of the sites and services you use online. Apple has joined the party with the launch of its new Data and Privacy portal. You can use the site to correct any erroneous personal information stored by Apple and delete your Apple ID along with its associated data.
How to use Apple's data and privacy portal
How to correct your data using Apple's data and privacy portal
How to delete your account using Apple's data and privacy portal
How to request a copy of your data using Apple's data and privacy portal
You can learn more about how Apple protects your data and your privacy here:
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Apple's updated privacy site and why it matters | iMore
Apple has expanded its privacy website, diving deeper and detailing even more broadly how the company's relentless belief in privacy and security defines every one of its products and services.
Tim Cook will be delivering the keynote speech at this year's International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, on Wednesday 24 October 2018. It's significant because Apple, as a matter of company policy, believes privacy is a fundamental human right. From Tim Cook at the very top to engineers on the front line, this belief permeates Apple and drives the company's product development process every bit as much as the technology itself. As much as Apple is designing for experience and for accessibility, the company is also designing for security and privacy.
Apple's belief in privacy is made manifest again today with the launch of an updated version of
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Facebook hack affected 3 million in Europe, first big test for GDPR
Approximately 3 million Europeans were affected by a September Facebook security breach in which users' personal information was stolen, the Irish Data Protection Commission told CNBC on Tuesday.
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First GDPR fine issued by Austrian data protection regulator, Gernot Fritz via @connectedrights
The entrepreneur had installed a CCTV camera in front of his establishment that also recorded a large part of the sidewalk. The DSB found this act to be in violation of the GDPR, as large-scale monitoring of public spaces is not permitted under the GDPR. Apparently the camera was also not sufficiently marked as conducting video surveillance, meaning that the applicable transparency obligations had not been fulfilled.
GDPR  fine  Austria  DSB  CCTV  surveillance 
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Study: Google is the biggest beneficiary of the GDPR
some findings: "while the number of trackers asking for access to their data is decreasing, a tiny few (including Google) are getting even more of their data. This is not least due to the fact that many consent management tools use manipulative UX design (so-called dark patterns) to nudge users towards particular choices and actions that may be against their own interests. "
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Twitter Is Being Formally Investigated Following a GDPR Complaint
As is his right under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—the sweeping set of privacy rules that came into effect across the EU in May—Veale asked Twitter to give him all the personal data it holds on him. The company refused to hand over the data it recorded when Veale clicked on links in other people’s tweets, claiming that providing this information would take a disproportionate effort. So, in August, Veale complained to the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), which on Thursday told him it was opening an investigation. As is common with big tech firms, Twitter’s European operations are headquartered in Dublin, which is why Veale complained in Ireland.
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If you you work or for a or third sector organisation, take a look at the toolkit that…
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