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Twitter is wrong about Alex Jones: facts are not enough to combat conspiracy theories - The Verge
Jack Dorsey thinks unfettered speech will save the world, but all the evidence says it won’t
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23 hours ago by kejadlen
Jack Dorsey's Dangerous Defense of Alex Jones - The Atlantic
8/8/18 - ... I do not envy publishers like Dorsey and Zuckerberg. The scale of the problem they face—and that we all face as a result—is mind-boggling. In journalism, reporters who lie are fired. But no newsroom has a structure like Facebook, with 2 billion individuals publishing stories and no real editors. On a platform where users can publish freely, and provocations and misinformation are incentivized by the very architecture of the platform, what’s a publisher to do? Perhaps a better question is: What is the publisher’s moral or ethical responsibility?
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8 days ago by mcbakewl
Pete Willsman is the true face of Labour’s anti-Semitism problem
"The indulgence of Willsman has a lot less to do with any organisational heft and a lot more to do with factionalism. It’s the cost of doing business as far as many professional Corbynites are concerned."

"And while there are undoubtedly people who hold anti-Semitic views within the Labour party, their strength comes not from people who agree with them, but who regard it as something that has to be ignored in order to prioritise retaining control of the institutional levers of power within the Labour Party. And that’s why Willsman is the true face of Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis."
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17 days ago by diasyrmus
The free speech panic: how the right concocted a crisis | News | The Guardian
“Unable to think through the latent contradiction between these two ideological complaints (one demanding greater liberal pluralism and modernity, the other demanding less), conservative ministers and newspapers end up appealing to “free speech” as some unwieldy synthesis of free markets and cultural traditionalism. The suspicion is that, despite all the rhetoric of freedom, they don’t mind intellectual conformity per se – just as long as it’s conformity to the right cultural standard.” “To really grasp why free speech has become the focus of a new crusade in Britain, we need to consider why conservatism has become rudderless. … When capitalism can no longer make good on the conservative moral vision of hard work and enterprise, where else is there to go?”
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22 days ago by Preoccupations

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