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Radicale - A Free and Open-Source CalDAV and CardDAV Server
Radicale is a small but powerful CalDAV (calendars, todo-lists) and CardDAV (contacts) server, that:

Shares calendars through CalDAV, WebDAV and HTTP.
Shares contacts through CardDAV, WebDAV and HTTP.
Supports events, todos, journal entries and business cards.
Works out-of-the-box, no installation nor configuration required.
Can warn users on concurrent editing.
Can limit access by authentication.
Can secure connections.
Works with many CalDAV and CardDAV clients.
Is GPLv3-licensed free software.
free  opensource  calendar  contacts  software  linux 
8 hours ago by rsgranne
Href Tools - Free online web tools
Href Tools is a collection of free online web tools to get your work done faster. You can find here image tools such as image to text (OCR), online compressors, converters and much more.
web  css  dev  tools  webdev  html  javascript  free  via:popular  base64 
9 hours ago by speckz
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python | edX
A new and updated introduction to computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems using Python 3.5.
education  programming  python  free  online  edx  mitx  guttag 
10 hours ago by gdw
clauseggers/Playfair-Display: Playfair Display is an Open Source typeface family for display and titling use.
Play­fair is a trans­itional design. From the time of enlight­en­ment in the late 18th cen­tury, the broad nib quills were replaced by poin­ted steel pens. This influ­enced typo­graph­ical let­ter­forms to become increas­ingly detached from the writ­ten ones. Devel­op­ments in print­ing tech­no­logy, ink and paper mak­ing, made it pos­sible to print let­ter­forms of high con­trast and del­ic­ate hairlines.
font  typography  free  opensource 
13 hours ago by VoxPelli
Loading animation GIFs and SVGs
Animation  GIF  SVG  Loading  Web  Design  Service  Free 
13 hours ago by Alex-Blackman
Apify · Page analyzer
This tool helps you find ways how to scrape data from a specific web page. For example, it looks for tags, AJAX requests, finds CSS selectors for specific attributes etc.
free  scrape  scraping  tools  web  json  page  analyze  api 
22 hours ago by morganwatch

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