Frankfurt   2226

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More in ....would love to see more if this in the .
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2 days ago by ljegou
Fertig für heute 😀

Nun nach genau 2 Wochen wieder im ICE 229 ab .
Und wieder als man in seat 21 im Wg 28.
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13 days ago by tmmd
RT : A Roman ship patrolling the waters of the River Main in .
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23 days ago by jameswagner
#tech2D Technology Forum for Sustainable Development, Frankfurt, Germany, 20.09.2018
Technology innovation can be a great enabler for development. The relevance of technological innovations such as speech recognition, robotics in geriatric care, 3D printing, nanotechnologies, artificial intelligence, drone use or new fuels is rapidly increasing. Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals will require action on various levels, including harnessing and maximizing the potential of technological innovation. The current technological revolution has an impact on all disciplines, industries and the world’s economy.
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6 weeks ago by weitzenegger

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