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French Country Waterways LTD - The Finest Tradition in Luxury Canal Cruising
For over 30 years, American owned and operated, French Country Waterways has been cruising the canals and rivers of France. Truly unique voyages of discovery, our luxury hotel barge cruises provide one of the most relaxing and refreshing vacation experiences.
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3 days ago by sctonkin
INSEAD has a ridiculously good looking cafeteria burger
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3 days ago by john_horton
French strike set to disrupt Paris airports - France 24
A strike is set to disrupt air travel at Paris hubs on Thursday, with the civil aviation authority saying carriers should prepare to reduce services out of Orly, the capital’s second-largest airport, by 20 percent.
3 days ago by dhellmann
Un père venu d'Asie
Survivant d'un monde perdu (le Vietnam d'avant avril 1975), le père de Doan Bui , taiseux et tendre, restait une énigme pour cette journaliste grand reporter à l'Obs, qui décide un jour de mettre à profit les techniques d'enquêtes qu'elle maîtrise, afin de chercher à comprendre qui il était.
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4 days ago by aries1988

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