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Production Type
Production Type is a digital typeface foundry based in Paris, France. Operated by French type designer Jean-Baptiste Levée, the foundry produces retail typefaces for brands, corporations and publications; for print, screen and environmental design.
foundry  paris  france 
13 hours ago by jmuspratt
Hosting Companies Threaten To Leave France Over (Yet Another) Surveillance Law. But Where Could They Go? | Techdirt
Summary: New French surveillance laws, expanding on the existing invasive surveillance laws are forcing web hosting companies out of the country, as they refuse to comply with the French government’s demands for data retention, and even start talking about “data black boxes” for “algorithmic surveillance.”
france  hosting  data  government  surveillance  indie  indieroundup  notincluded  moody 
17 hours ago by laurakalbag
Maddyness - Le Magazine des Startups Françaises
Toute l'actualité startup et innovation en France sur Maddyness.
startup  france 
20 hours ago by prrd
Accueil - Linkfluence
Découvrez la nouvelle version de Radarly, la solution de Social Media Intelligence de référence.
consulting  marketing  socialmedia  France  ML 
21 hours ago by shalmaneser
Vers un blocage des hébergeurs étrangers sans responsable en France ?
Astonishingly stupid. France has responded to Snowden by doubling down hard on mass surveillance
snowden  stl  france  hosting  datacentre  surveillance 
yesterday by yorksranter
Does France's proposed surveillance law go too far?
"The anti-terrorism bill includes everything from tapping phones and email accounts without a judge's approval to collecting metadata from mobile phones." -Colette Davidson, Christian Science Monitor
otf  france  surveillance  privacy  security 
yesterday by dmcdev
Attentat déjoué : y avait-il eu mensonge, ou y a-t-il instrumentalisation ?
Ils ont "déjoués" complètement par hasard cet attentat (le gars a appelé le samu pour une balle dans la jambe, et les policiers sont tombés sur des armes dans sa voiture, puis dans son appartement ...),
fr  france  security  privacy 
2 days ago by pankkake

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