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The Economist explains: Why the French keep trying to ban Islamic body wear | The Economist
Over the years, such efforts have long been met with dismay, if not derision, outside France. When the French began to debate a ban on the burqa in 2009, for instance, Barack Obama declared in Cairo that Western countries should avoid “dictating what clothes a Muslim woman should wear” under “the pretence of liberalism”. Some civil-liberties groups within France have tried—but so far failed—to get the burkini ban overturned in the courts. Yet French governments bristle at the notion that their various attempts to defend laïcité amount to intolerance or an infringement of the freedom of expression. They may note that in 2014 the European Court of Human Rights upheld France’s burqa ban. What outsiders fail to understand, the French argue, is that such body wear is not just a casual choice but part of an attempt by political Islamism to win recruits and test the resilience of the French republic. Mr Valls dismisses as naive those who see it as being no different than a wetsuit. The burkini, he says, is part of a “political project”, and complacency plays into the hands of Islamists.
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How did Hitler rise to power? - Alex Gendler and Anthony Hazard - YouTube
betrayed by politicians. jews got the blame partially and the established politicians / and left wing weak by internal squabbles. / exploiting peoples fear, uncertainty, anger and calls for change from the status quo
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The burkini row shows the depth of west’s crisis of confidence
Instead, the growing visibility of Muslims in western society reflects an ownership over their European and Muslim identities in a manner their first-generation immigrant parents and grandparents did not dare display. A headscarf is a mark of self-confidence not illiberalism. The Islam practised by many young European Muslims today is flexible, tolerant and accepting of the west’s prevailing norms, whether on homosexuality, abortion or atheism.

The burkini has gained prominence in recent years because Muslim women make Islam work for them: at the beach, in the workplace or at the Olympic Games. Previous generations, including my mother, would never have thought of going to the beach.
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France burkini: Highest court suspends ban
"At least three mayors have already said they will keep the bans in their towns."
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Loi “Sapin 2”, piège sur les détenteurs d’assurance-vie | Contrepoints
Mettons les points sur les « i » : il s’agit de permettre au HCSF de bloquer les remboursements et avances.
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