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Bielsa ce genie de la com
Ah ! La France dans toute sa splandeur. On fait venir chez nous l'un des plus grands entraineurs de l'histoire du foot.
On pourrait penser que nous sommes admiratifs?
Que nous buvont avidement ses paroles?
Non monsieur! Nous comptons ses souris, et nous nous demandons quand il levera les yeux!
Continuons de cultiver notre médiocrité, en foot comme dans le reste du pays.
France  football 
10 hours ago by beajeanm
Mathématiques françaises : une excellence à préserver
Plusieurs médaillés français possèdent la double nationalité : franco-russe pour Maxime Kontsevitch (2006), franco-vietnamienne pour Ngô Bao Chaû (2010) et franco-brésilienne pour Artur Avila (2014). Témoins de la vitalité des mathématiques françaises, ces résultats sont d'autant plus remarquables qu'ils s'inscrivent dans un contexte international de plus en plus concurrentiel. Ils résultent d'un travail de très longue haleine de structuration de la communauté mathématique française.

il donne l'exemple de l'apport des mathématiques dans le domaine des neurosciences où pour lui « la compréhension du cerveau progresse et progressera grâce à la modélisation mathématique, seule à même d'envisager et de structurer des mécanismes dont la description détaillée est strictement impossible ».

Développer l'attractivité française de la discipline, susciter des vocations auprès des plus jeunes, mettre cette excellence au service de l'innovation, renforcer la place des femmes, sont autant de défis qu'il faudra relever pour continuer à faire de la France, une des championnes mondiales des mathématiques.
maths  france  today  excellence 
yesterday by aries1988
The Vicious Cycle
A man searches for meaning…in between leg shavings.
bike  cycling  touring  france  barcelona  blog  tours 
yesterday by thejasonparker
Largehearted Boy: Book Notes - William Alexander "Flirting with French"
William Alexander creates and discusses a plsylist of French language songs for his book Flirting with French: How a Language Charmed Me, Seduced Me, and Nearly Broke My Heart at Largehearted Boy.
books  music  french  france  playlists  from delicious
yesterday by largeheartedboy
Khan, B. - An Economic History of Copyright in Europe and the United States | EH.Net Encyclopedia, edited by Robert Whaples. March 16, 2008
The US created a utilitarian market-based model of intellectual property grants which created incentives for invention, with the primary objective of increasing social welfare and protecting the public domain. The checks and balances of interest group lobbies, the legislature and the judiciary worked effectively as long as each institution was relatively well-matched in terms of size and influence. However, a number of scholars are concerned that the political influence of corporate interests, the vast number of uncoordinated users over whom the social costs are spread, and international harmonization of laws have upset these counterchecks, leading to over-enforcement at both the private and public levels. International harmonization with European doctrines introduced significant distortions in the fundamental principles of US copyright and its democratic provisions. One of the most significant of these changes was also one of the least debated: compliance with the precepts of the Berne Convention accorded automatic copyright protection to all creations on their fixation in tangible form. This rule reversed the relationship between copyright and the public domain that the US Constitution stipulated. According to original US copyright doctrines, the public domain was the default, and copyright a limited exemption to the public domain; after the alignment with Berne, copyright became the default, and the rights of the public and of the public domain now merely comprise a limited exception to the primacy of copyright. The pervasive uncertainty that characterizes the intellectual property arena today leads risk-averse individuals and educational institutions to err on the side of abandoning their right to free access rather than invite challenges and costly litigation. Many commentators are also concerned about other dimensions of the globalization of intellectual property rights, such as the movement to emulate European grants of property rights in databases, which has the potential to inhibit diffusion and learning.
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2 days ago by dunnettreader
Football Playground / Guinée et Potin Architects
Sport often takes place in highly regulated environments requiring membership and equipment. But it also spills over this spectacular framework into the raw informality of public play: pick-up games, ad-hoc rule variations.
da  sport  publicspace  france 
3 days ago by agfa8x
Beaujolais Nouveau Day
Apparently the headliner wine is no good but it's a great excuse to drink better wine. Big festival. Late November. In 2014 it's Nov 20th.
france  vacation 
4 days ago by lance
Netflix a marché sur la France - Libération
C’est vers minuit, entre dimanche et lundi, que Netflix s’est officiellement lancé en France. Un mois gratuit (jusqu’au 14 octobre prochain) pour commencer et il en coûtera ensuite de 7,99 euros à 11,99 euros (selon les formules et le nombre d’écrans qui accueilleront le service) par mois pour se vautrer des heures
video  television  media  internet  france 
4 days ago by juliusbeezer
Why France Is So Afraid of the Big Bad American Netflix | Renée Kaplan, l'Amie américaine
Either to send a message to Netflix, or simply realizing that the French video content market was about to receive a shock of innovation with which it wasn’t necessarily prepared to compete, Filippetti, the Culture Minister, decided to make some changes.

In July, she announced that feature films could be made available for broadcast on television two months earlier that previously, and reduced the delay for making films available for VOD from three years to two years. These were changes that would allow French broadcasters to be a bit more competitive with Netflix without really having to change their business models or their offers. I don’t want to say this is very “French,” but it certainly isn’t very radical. But it was something.
video  television  france  media 
4 days ago by juliusbeezer
Plus ça change... - Nieman Reports
The French state every year shells out about $540 million in direct funding to privately owned newspapers and magazines, and a further $1 billion or so in indirect aid, including a specially reduced sales tax for publications and income tax breaks for all 37,000 French journalists with an official press card. (That doesn’t include the $3.3 billion the government spends on public-sector broadcasting, part of which is recouped by a compulsory license fee.)
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4 days ago by juliusbeezer

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