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Rethinking Franco-German Relations - The New York Times
French and German people don’t speak each other’s language, and literally don’t understand one another. That’s not just a linguistic issue; it is one that appears in every political and economic discussion. It also follows that politicians and central banks talk about economics in English, a foreign language in both nations, and so it’s hardly surprising that ordinary people feel excluded and lost.
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YouTube -- RussiaToday: French police warn 'no-go zones' a reality despite PM’s denial -
'France has been hit by a wave of police protests, with officers venting their anger over working conditions and the rise of violence against security forces. Police say they can no longer protect themselves while on duty.'
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RT : Yay , for banning plastic bags in July, now extending the ban to plastic cutlery & dishes!…
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The real reason for the Calais Jungle clearance isn't what you may think | The Canary
"So far in 2016, more than 325,000 refugees have fled to Europe, including 91,000 children. The majority have come from Syria, whose conflict has killed more than 400,000 civilians since it began in 2011. And as the Syrian crisis continues, so does the displacement of refugees.

But far from looking at how to end the humanitarian catastrophes at both ends of the situation, companies and politicians are simply profiting from the chaos. Just more proof that there’s big money to be made from the misery of refugees."
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Assurance risque climatique par ClimateSecure
ClimateSecure provides insurance and weather-risk management solutions to help clients understand, mitigate, and insure financial losses caused by weather ...
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Meteo Protect | Weather risk solutions
Meteo Protect offers financial products that protect companies and institutions when weather conditions adversely impact their business or profits or generate ...
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Nos brosses à dents en bambou BOO - My Boo Company
Brosses à dents en bambou BOO, nylon-4, entretien facile, emballage biodégradable, durée de vie : tous les conseils pour bien prendre soin de sa BOO !
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