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Bisous Les Copains - Defringe
Guillaume Kurkdjian works in illustration, graphics, photography and animation. His latest project, entitled ‘Bisous les Copains’, is a series of beautifully simple and subtly humorous animated gifs. Guillaume lives and works in Nantes, France.
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Tom Haugomat on Behance
Hello! I'm Tom Haugomat, an illustrator based in Paris, France. My works have been shown in publications like XXI, Le Monde and many others... I also work as an animated film director with Bruno Mangyoku. I'm part of the parisian workshop "Messieurs Dame"
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Expérithèque - Carte des académies
L’Expérithèque, un service de l’Éducation nationale permet de se tenir au courant de pratiquement toutes les expérimentations pédagogiques qui se passent dans les écoles de France.
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