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The Bank Robber - The New Yorker
The computer technician who exposed a Swiss bank’s darkest secrets.
finance  crime  switzerland  spain  france 
13 hours ago by Chirael
Egypt detains then deports French journalist on arrival at Cairo airport | Mada Masr
Airport police took his passport and mobile phone on arrival, he said, preventing him from contacting the French Embassy. Hours later he was taken to an airline desk and told he was banned from entering and would have to return to France.
egypt  travel  oppression  media  censorship  france 
18 hours ago by lorenzk
Aux armes | The Economist
Between missions abroad and at home, French military power is stretched thin.
france  military  war 
19 hours ago by soobrosa
Étienne Jaumet, analog synthesizers, alto sax, vocals ; Sonic Boom, analog synthesizers ; Céline Wadier, vocals
sonicboom  lamonteyoung  paris  france  concert  minimalism 
yesterday by noodlepie
There is one country where most Europeans would rather live—and one they’d all rather avoid — Quartz
On the back of all this drama, how do Europe’s citizens think of life elsewhere on the continent? A survey (pdf) by a research group based at the University of Geneva asked citizens from nine European nations to rate living conditions in their home country and those in neighboring countries on a scale of one to 10.
Europe  country  qualityoflife  popularity  Germany  Sweden  Switzerland  UK  Poland  Spain  France  Greece  UniversityofGeneva  Quartz  2016 
yesterday by inspiral
The secret Middle East deal that spawned a century of resentment: Burman | Toronto Star
One hundred years after the Sykes-Picot Agreement carved up the region into western “spheres of influence,” the burden of history is still felt.
Israel  border  France  secret  anniversary  agreement  middle_east  Cykes-Picot  England  centennial  government 
2 days ago by tcgonline
The Miserable French Workplace -
via Pocket - The Miserable French Workplace - Added May 23, 2016 at 02:09PM
via:jmill  france  workers_rights  workplace_dynamics  worker_protections  europe  @nytimes 
2 days ago by cglinka
Today, a 1,200 years old oak with a chapel built in.
France  Normandy  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by kuesclues
Decorative Vinyl Mats – Beija Flor Site
Potential floor tile solution for the kitchen.
Design  France  Furniture 
2 days ago by amythibodeau

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