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Pires: Wenger's my second father -
"What I loved about him was that I had certain qualities and he worked on them and perfected them. We all have faults, but he couldn't care less about them. He knew what I was capable of and made me work on my strengths."
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Clément Fontan - La BCE et la crise du capitalisme en Europe - La Vie des idées - 24 février 2015
Selon Clément Fontan, la Banque centrale européenne a outrepassé ses prérogatives et a, sans contrôle démocratique, traité de manière trop différenciée l’aide qu’elle apporte aux États et celle qu’elle alloue au système financier. Mots-clés : Europe | banque centrale | capitalisme | Grèce | euro -- quite helpful for details of how the various powers, decision-making processes and authority in the EU, the Eurozone, the member states, and the ECB interact -- downloaded pdf to Note
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Merde alors! Why French workers are more productive than Brits | English Economic
The French work smarter and have a more productive workforce than Britain. But there’s a sting in the tail: fewer jobs for young and old alike.
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Fortress Calais: fleeting fixtures and precarious lives in the migrant camp
“It’s a good business,” Adil said with a broad smile as he tried to fix the brakes on a rickety blue bike in a makeshift workshop outside his tent. “People buy a bike to get to where they try and get on the lorries or trains. If they are lucky, then they are gone and don’t need the bike any more. Then I go and pick them up and sell them again!”
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Les 400 culs - Le mot “autrice“ vous choque-t-il ? - Libé
Bref : une réforme du XVIIe a explicitement cherché à supprimer des formes féminines des mots alors en usage, créant ainsi la situation actuelle.
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