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Battle of wills: Tiny order of French nuns takes on Vatican
As the standoff escalated, 34 of the 39 nuns issued an extraordinary public declaration last month saying they had no other choice but to ask to be relieved of their religious vows.“We are not making this sacrifice lightly,” they wrote. “We wish to remain in total communion with the church but we cannot signify more clearly, or more painfully either, our incapacity in conscience to obey what we are commanded to do.”The standoff with the Little Sisters comes amid a continuing free-fall in the number of nuns around the world, as elderly sisters die and fewer young ones take their place. The most recent Vatican statistics from 2016 show the number of sisters was down 10,885 from the previous year to 659,445 globally. Ten years prior, there were 753,400 nuns around the world, meaning the Catholic Church shed nearly 100,000 sisters in the span of a decade.European nuns regularly fare the worst, seeing a decline of 8,370 sisters in 2016 on top of the previous year’s decline of 8,394, according to Vatican statistics.
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Two Roads for the New French Right | by Mark Lilla | The New York Review of Books
“This is very interesting on the new Catholic social conservatism in France - a kind of Blue Labour with added Gramsci“; “When I had a piece in the LRB on Tory Brexiteers earlier in the year, someone got in touch after pointing out one thing I’d missed: that the leading figures (Charles Moore, IDS, Rees-Mogg, Liam Fox, Bill Cash) were all Catholics...”
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The Yellow Vests and Why There Are So Many Street Protests in France | The New Yorker
Two truths hold: rage is ignored at its peril and must always be addressed, however irrational it may seem; and rage can never, in itself, constitute a politics.
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Yellow Vest protests: French media is at least as 'treasonous' as American
Gilets Jaunes”: Macron ruined us, broke our business…He wants everything new, digital, the new world, and he did it all without thinking of the cost for us…. example of the disconnect between elite politicians using government to enforce extremist ideologies, and average working people who have to pay the price,” “The level of treason on the part of the press is astounding. Constant pointing the finger at this movement, that it’s anti-Macron, possible neo-Nazi.”
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Read this by because it is a good explainer about the protests in and because…
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[fr] Page d' accueil du musée du Vivarais Protestant de Pranles
"Niché au creux d'une superbe forêt de châtaigniers, au coeur du Parc Naturel Régional des Monts d'Ardèche. Le musée est implanté dans une belle maison forte du XVe siècle classée Monument Historique."

"Cette maison forte du 15ème siècle est la maison de famille d’Étienne Durand. Les murs de cette maison sont les témoins d'événements dramatiques. Ils abritent une famille de Résistants protestants, revendiquant la liberté de conscience face aux interdits royaux au 18ème siècle.

A son retour de la Tour de Constance, Marie Durand doit s'endetter pour réparer sa maison qui a subi des pillages de toutes sortes. A sa mort, le bien est vendu. En 1931, la maison est léguée à la Société d'histoire du Protestantisme Français qui en est propriétaire, elle est actuellement gérée par une association."

"La famille Durand est au centre du protestantisme au 18ème siècle. Elle est connu[e] surtout par deux de ses représentants, Pierre l'un des Pasteurs de la restauration des Églises, qui mourut martyr à Montpellier, et sa sœur Marie, la célèbre prisonnière de la tour de Constance.

La résistance opiniâtre de Marie Durand et de tous ceux qui ont lutté pour obtenir la liberté de conscience, dépasse de beaucoup le protestantisme : C'est la marche non violente vers la liberté religieuse, plus largement la liberté d'opinion, le respect des différences et au-delà, le chemin vers la laïcité chèrement acquise."
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