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The Lemon Fool
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Run by stooz himself
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3 days ago by cd
RF Products - Microwave, Satcom, and Cellular
The blog provides a common place for manufacturers and users of rf and microwave components and cables to exchange their requirements. The products section provides various components available from vendors internationanlly. A forum is available with the website for listing the requirements of the buyers.
rf  cables  connectors  cellular  products  microwave  manufacturers  cable  assemblies  forum 
3 days ago by anandsoft
Cert Forums - Blog for Cisco, Comptia, Microsoft, PMP, and Juniper
The blog provides insight into various certifications available in IT (Information Technology) field. The certifications are a way to enhance one's skills in his/her own technical area without having to join a formal degree or course in established institutions. Further, as many of these certs are provided by reputed corporations that actually at the leading edge of the respective technological fields, you will be exposed to most recent developments. Some such certifications, like CCNA (short for Cisco Certified Network Associate), Comptia A+ (known in the field of computer hardware and operating systems skills testing), Juniper JNCIA, PMP, and Microsoft MCSE are well known worldwide. Check out the blog for more information.
cert  forum  forums  certification  blog  it  ccna  cisco  certs  comptia  microsoft  pmp  juniper 
3 days ago by anandsoft
AWS Developer Forums: Application Load Balancer (ALB) backend ...
A forum explaining why I couldn't find backend authentication settings for an application load balancer (ALB) set up with an SSL certificate (443 listener), which, effectively forces you to set it up with a Man in the Middle attack (vulnerability).
aws  amazon  application  load  balancer  elastic  elb  forum  discussion  guide  reference  backend  authentication  vpc  explanation  mitm 
5 days ago by racl101

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