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Mobius1/Selectr: A lightweight, vanilla javascript select box replacement. No dependencies.
A lightweight, vanilla javascript select box replacement. No dependencies. - Mobius1/Selectr
javascript  js  select  style  form 
2 hours ago by pioneerskies
React Select
A flexible and beautiful Select Input control for ReactJS with multiselect, autocomplete, async and creatable support.
form  javascript  react  components 
4 days ago by danesparza
A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film - YouTube
[See also: ]

"Is there a better way of showing a text message in a film? How about the internet? Even though we’re well into the digital age, film is still ineffective at depicting the world we live in. Maybe the solution lies not in content, but in form."
cinematography  communication  culture  film  constraint  tv  television  2014  everyframeapainting  sherlock  form  texting  sms  messaging  userinterface  design  depiction  internet  online  storytelling  display  text 
5 days ago by robertogreco
Liza Sabater 🇵🇷👸🏾🌹 on Twitter: "BOOK BUTCHER is better for it’s alliteration. this raises one of my biggest peeves with book publishers: people buying a paper book should get an EPUB/PDF copy. EPUB/PDF are ghastly misused because publishe
“BOOK BUTCHER is better for it’s alliteration.

this raises one of my biggest peeves with book publishers: people buying a paper book should get an EPUB/PDF copy.

EPUB/PDF are ghastly misused because publishers only use them as copy formats & not distinct creative media…
Yesterday my colleague called me a ‘book murderer’ because I cut long books in half to make them more portable. Does anyone else do this? Is it just me? [image of three books, Infinite Jest, Middlesex, and Dostoyevsky (bio?), each separated into two.

this is why, as am getting ready to shop book proposals, am absolutely clear my biggest negotiating challenge will be the digital rights to my books.

my web dev skills COMPLETELY changed the way i write and think of writing. when i built the publishing front-end of my blogs…

i did so inspired mainly by many of the tactics of the avant gardes, especially CONSTRUCTIVISM.

because i see typography as an art form and art objects that can bring a different “something” to your writing ―not just in conventional syntaxes. think of e. e. cummings…

THING1 is reading “House of Leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski and am looking forward to reading myself, exactly because of what he does with typography and page design.

but would love to see how they succeeded or failed to translate the page design to EPUB/MOBI in particular… [image of open pages from House of Leaves]

BECAUSE YOU LAZILY CAN’T. most publisher just process the DOCX file to EPUB and don’t even have the decency to add a basic style-directive (CSS file) to it.

for Danielewski’s book, if you’re not going to use Javascript, then you’ll need to use robust CSS3 and…

Responsive Design tactics to make it a proper EPUB/MOBI version of the book.

but that would mean, it’s only a translation ―and since that’s core to the plot, then that EPUB should be an opportunity to exapand the story, not just copy it.

with a PDF though…

you have 2 options:

an IMAGE copy of the paper pages



so we have 5 ways of getting the same book ported:

1. text dump (EPUB/MOBI)
2. image dump (PDF)
3. CSS3 ⁺ Responsive (EPUB)
4. Javascript ⁺ CSS3 (EPUB)
5. IA/Reflowable PDF

anybody who has read RAYUELA (Hopscotch) by Julio Cortázar, will see la mar de posibilidades that we have for going beyond the lazy conventions of treating EPUB & PDF as just copies of a paper book.

this is why the DMCAA has been devastating…

claiming a new publishing copyright for just transposing across formats is criminal.

you should have something else, even if it is technically the same book or song.

because each format, each medium, has it’s own set of challenges. just copying, as in transposing, isn’t it…

so, if you are a writer, it would behoove you to learn about the principles of web development ―because all EPUBS are, basically, websites made portable with a ZIP file (EPUB/MOBI are zip files).

notice i do not mention AZW3. they’re proprietary EPUBs ―and tbh a waste of time…

all this to say:

you wouldn’t butcher books if you had an EPUB version on your phone or a tablet. even a PDF image dump is preferable.

am weeding my book collection.

with ⁺50 yrs of books, i’ve noticed they’re not only works of art but cherished memory capsules.

lizasabater  books  epub  formatting  pdf  bookdesign  digital  ebooks  2020  markdanielweski  rayuela  form  constructivism  avantgarde  mobi  docx  fileformats  css  responsivedesign  webdev  javascript  juliocortázar  conventions  syntax 
5 days ago by robertogreco
Form design: from zero to hero all in one blog post by Adam Silver | Designer, London, UK.
90 percent of the problems found in forms solved in a few hundred precious words.
design  form  forms  ux  ui  webdesign  accessibility  html  web  webdev 
11 days ago by atran
Boilerform is a little HTML and CSS boilerplate to take the pain away from working with forms.

By providing baseline BEM structured CSS and appropriate attributes on elements: Boilerform gives you a head start building forms in the best possible way with a view to being dropped into most projects.
boilerplate  css  code  html  form  development 
13 days ago by javajunky
HTML attributes to improve your users' two factor authentication experience - Twilio
There are plenty of opportunities for friction in the user experience when logging in, particularly while entering a two factor authentication code. As developers we should be building applications that support the need for account security but don't detract from the user experience. Sometimes it can feel as though these requirements are in a battle against each other. In this post we will look at the humble <input> element and the HTML attributes that will help speed up our users' two factor authentication experience
authentication  form  html  programming  best_practice  security  webdesign  design  web 
13 days ago by danesparza
jquense/yup: Dead simple Object schema validation
Dead simple Object schema validation. Contribute to jquense/yup development by creating an account on GitHub.
javascript  validation  form 
15 days ago by pixelblend
HTML attributes to improve your users' two factor authentication experience - Twilio
Learn how to use the HTML autocomplete, inputmode and pattern attributes to improve the user experience of logging in.
authentication  form  html  2fa  programming  security  web-design 
15 days ago by bales

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