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Diet Coke Causes Toxic Gut Bacteria Through Artificial Sweeteners, According To New Study
If you think Diet Coke is a lesser evil choice compared to the regular one, then you might have to think again. A new study published in the journal Molecules revealed that artificial sweeteners, like aspartame found in Coke, can be toxic to the gut…
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3 hours ago by evansthompson
Heritage cider
Apple cider is an interesting thing making a comeback
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4 hours ago by nelson
Distributed kitchen service Pilotworks is shutting down | TechCrunch
Pilotworks, the distributed kitchen service which raised $13 million in venture funding from investors including Campbell’s Soup Co.’s investment arm, is shutting down.
The company issued a brief statement on its website yesterday with the news
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5 hours ago by dancall
Starbucks, Rev Up Delivery Service in China |
For coffee lovers in China, grabbing a fresh cup of venti cappuccino from Starbucks will soon be as easy as a few quick taps on their smartphone.

Starting Oct. 22, Starbucks will offer delivery in nine new cities in China through Alibaba’s on-demand delivery platform In Shanghai and Beijing, the “Starbucks Delivers” service is already in full swing.

“We set out to earn our right to do coffee delivery the right way in China by leading and up leveling the standards for the entire coffee industry, with no compromise on the Starbucks quality at any step,” said Belinda Wong, CEO of Starbucks China.
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8 hours ago by dancall
Most diners order delivery through restaurants, not third-party apps | Restaurant Dive
A new study from E-Poll Market Research shows that Grubhub is the top third-party food delivery service with millennials, with a 41% usage rate among those consumers. Doordash was second (36%), followed by UberEats (32%) and Postmates (30%). Grubhub is also the most used delivery app across the board, at 36%, and with the company's recent acquisition of Yelp's Eat24 app, that usage is likely even higher now. 
Younger U.S. internet users are most likely to use a food delivery service: A majority (55%) of those aged 18 to 24 and close to half (49%) of 25- to 34-year-olds had food delivered at least once in the past year compared with the overall average (36%).
Despite growth in the third-party delivery space, most consumers still order food directly through a restaurant brand (53%). 
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8 hours ago by dancall
Inside Starbucks' secretive, ad-free Facebook community for fall enthusiasts | Marketing Dive
The return of fall this year posed a tough challenge for Starbucks around how to make a staple seasonal product feel fresh again. The coffee giant's Pumpkin Spice Latte, or PSL, has cultivated a massive, devoted following — the recognizable acronym is telling — but also plenty of imitators looking to get in on the autumnal craze.

For 2018, the brand tried a few strategies to generate renewed buzz for PSL, including by bringing the menu item back to stores earlier than ever. More interesting, however, was the establishment in August of an exclusive Facebook community called the Leaf Rakers Society, which has quickly grown to encompass more than 26,000 members and helped the brand deepen connections with some of its most dedicated customers — all without advertising any Starbucks products.
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8 hours ago by dancall
Burger King partners with DoorDash for Twitch takeover | Mobile Marketer
Burger King partnered with food delivery service DoorDash and video game giant Activision to promote the launch of "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4," the latest installment in the hit game franchise, according to an announcement.
Burger King's "Call of Duty" campaign includes a takeover of Twitch, the Amazon-owned video streaming platform for gamers, that will show the burger chain's king mascot competing against popular gaming personalities and the community of gamers. Burger King restaurants and DoorDash will offer additional surprises during the campaign that lasts from Oct. 12 to Nov. 12.
Fans who order the "Nuketown Whopper Meal" or the "Nuketown 4-piece Crispy Chicken Tenders Meal" from DoorDash's app will receive a code to unlock a "Black Ops" gesture, which lets players perform in-game movements.
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8 hours ago by dancall
So you want to be a chef
Some insight into working as, becoming a chef ...
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8 hours ago by badlydrawnrob
Carrefour on IBM Food Trust Blockchain Network |
IBM announced on Monday (Oct. 8) that there is growing adoption of its food supply chain network, IBM Food Trust. The blockchain-based cloud network provides participating retailers, suppliers, growers and food industry providers with data from across the food ecosystem to enable greater traceability, transparency and efficiency.

In a press release, IBM said that global retailer Carrefour announced it will use the IBM Food Trust blockchain network to strengthen its food excellence steps. Carrefour will initially use the platform to highlight consumers’ confidence in a number of Carrefour-branded products. The solution is expected to expand to all Carrefour brands worldwide by 2022, IBM said in the press release.
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8 hours ago by dancall

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