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A big thank you for all the new followers and they are all organic
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8 days ago by randyhilarski
Twitter Just Suspended A Ton Of Accounts Known For Stealing Tweets
This certainly isn't the first time tweetdeckers have been suspended, and it's unlikely to be the last. However, Friday's mass suspensions were unprecedented in their scope; some of the suspended accounts, including @Dory and @GirlPosts, had amassed millions of followers.
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4 weeks ago by markhgn
Study of influencer spenders finds big names, fake followers
Even as use of influencer marketing by big marketers grows, so do questions about how it's measured. Reach numbers used to measure influencer campaigns often come from raw follower counts, without regard to how many followers actually saw posts—or were real.
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8 weeks ago by markhgn
Vadik Marmeladov
"I design the most beautiful products. Before scrolling down to the pictures, please read our Codes of Practice:

1. Wear the uniform
2. Think long term (like 30 years from now)
3. Build stories and languages, not things
4. Create your own universe (or join ours)
5. Collect samples
6. Be a sample for somebody else 
7. Look for loyalty, not for a skill set
8. Do not build utilitarian products. However, use them as a medium to express yourself
9. Do not exploit introverts — doesn't work long term. Learn to be an introvert yourself 
10. Travel more
11. Do not work for corporations. Old corporations were meaningful when their founders were alive, but now, they have outlived their relevancy. They exist only to keep their numbers growing
12. New corporations are no better. They have scaled up features, and today’s founders want hyper-growth for growth’s sake (it seems like every line of code, every feature deserves its own corporation — it sure doesn't)
13. So, fuck the corporations
14. Tell the truth (bullshit never works long term)
15. Study and research fashion
16. Your phone is a temporary feature — don’t spend your life on it (like you wouldn’t spend it on a fax machine)
17. Fuck likes, followers, fake lives, fake friends
18. Remake your environment. Build it for yourself, and people will come 
19. Only trust those who make things you love
20. Move to LA 
21. Don’t buy property
22. Don’t go to Mars (just yet)
23. Use only one font, just a few colors, and just a few shapes
24. Use spreadsheets, but only to map out 30 cells — one for each year of the rest of your life
25. The next three are the most important
26. The past doesn’t exist — don’t get stuck in it
27. Don’t go to Silicon Valley (it’s not for you if you’re still reading this)
28. Remind yourself daily: you and everyone you know will die
29. We must build the most beautiful things
30. We are 2046 kids"

[via Warren Ellis's Orbital Operations newsletter, 8 April 2018:

"LOT 2046 [ ] continues to be magnificent. This is actually a really strong duffel bag. You just never know what you're going to get.

Incidentally, culture watchers, keep an eye on this - the LOT 2046 user-in-residence programme [ ]. This feels like a small start to a significant idea. Vadik thinks long-term. He once had the following Codes Of Practise list from his previous business on his personal website, preserved by the sainted Wayback Machine:"]
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11 weeks ago by robertogreco
RT : While driving large traffic to your site, there are mixed bags of approaches used to get high quality .…
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march 2018 by ormg
An unfollow helper for people who actually read their tweets, written in JavaScript.
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february 2018 by spaceninja
Twitter Promote Mode
Are you a budding personal brand or business on Twitter? For $99 per month, automatically promote your Tweets to reach your best audience and grow your followers.
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february 2018 by robhawkes
The Follower Factory - The New York Times
Everyone wants to be popular online.
Some even pay for it.
Inside social media’s black market.
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february 2018 by markhgn
Following us on yet? New from now until midnight this Sunday will go in a draw to win two…
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february 2018 by pipcleaves

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