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Since devastated their facilities, students and staff have had to share space at…
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15 hours ago by andriak
Villa e Giardino Bardini. Firenze come non l'hai mai vista
Restored 17th-century villa set over 4 floors with 2 museums & art exhibitions, plus gardens.
travel  holiday  museum  gallery  architecture  design  italian  renaissance  garden  medieval  history  exhibition  events  florence  tuscany  italy 
11 days ago by asaltydog
The richest families in Florence in 1427 are still the richest families in Florence — Quartz
They maintained their wealth through various sieges, Napoleon, Mussolini, and two world wars.
economics  money  wealth  power  florence  italy 
13 days ago by aagd
Stendhal syndrome: can art really be so beautiful it makes you ill?
There was a unique constellation of genius in this place at that time – Botticelli, Leonardo and Michelangelo all at once – that has left an afterglow you can still feel despite the tour guides and overpriced cafes.
art  florence  health 
4 weeks ago by terry
Important thread on buyout application deadlines in . Make sure to check deadlines in your…
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6 weeks ago by andriak
Today, US Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross granted Gov. Cooper’s request for a disaster declaration related to d…
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6 weeks ago by andriak
Thousands told to vacate North Carolina apartments in second wave of people displaced by Florence – ThinkProgress
A second wave of displaced people are finding themselves newly homeless, months after Florence hit the state. Beginning at the end of September, at least six apartment complexes in New Hanover County have issued notices to the majority, or all, of their residents to vacate. Long after the floodwaters receded, thousands of people have had to pack their bags and leave.
9 weeks ago by huntercutting
Since , DEQ has been working with its partners – , , and – to assess…
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11 weeks ago by andriak
My Authentic Italian Recipes - philosokitchen
Food blog featuring Italian cuisine – la cucina italiana
italy  cuisine  cooking  recipe  bologna  firenze  florence  blog 
october 2018 by csrollyson

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