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Flipboard cozies up to Facebook-weary publishers - Digiday
Mobile referral traffic from Flipboard is up over 350 percent since May, according to Parsely, albeit from a small base compared to Google and Facebook. Google and Facebook still dominate mobile referral traffic by a big margin, and Flipboard is a distant fourth after Twitter, according to Parsely.

“It’s become a sleeper hit,” said Jess Barron, vp and gm of Livestrong.com, which joined Flipboard six months ago. “Every publisher is looking for the next big thing to provide us that regular infusion of traffic.”

Flipboard is not in the same weight class as Facebook or Google. It claims a monthly active user base of 100 million, less than 5 percent of Facebook’s 2.1 billion. And its audience doesn’t skew heavily toward a particular age group — its audience is equal parts millennial, Gen X and older.
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2 days ago by dancall
Home ownership among young adults has 'collapsed', study finds | Money | The Guardian
Chances of owning home in UK have more than halved in 20 years, Institute for Fiscal Studies says

The chances of a young adult on a middle income owning a home in the UK have more than halved in the past two decades.

New research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows how an explosion in house …
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7 days ago by p-jo
My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror
A top CIA official once told me that his rule of thumb for whether a covert operation should be approved was, “How will this look on the front page …
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9 days ago by p-jo
Inside Facebook's Hellish Two Years—and Mark Zuckerberg's Struggle to Fix it All | WIRED
One day in late February of 2016, Mark Zuckerberg sent a memo to all of Facebook’s employees to address some troubling behavior in the ranks. His …
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11 days ago by p-jo
vTaiwan: Public Participation Methods on the Cyberpunk Frontier of Democracy | Civic Hall
Editor’s note: Here at Civicist and its precursor site techPresident, we’ve long been on the look-out for new models of mass public participation in …
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14 days ago by p-jo
The refugee crisis isn’t about refugees. It’s about us | Ai Weiwei | Opinion | The Guardian
The west has profited from globalisation but refuses to bear its responsibilities to displaced people. We have abandoned our belief in shared humanity

I was born in 1957, the same year China purged more than 300,000 intellectuals, including writers, teachers, journalists and whoever dared to …
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21 days ago by p-jo
The punk rock internet – how DIY ​​rebels ​are working to ​replace the tech giants | Technology | The Guardian
Around the world, a handful of visionaries are plotting an alternative ​online ​future​.​ ​Is it really possible to remake the internet in a way that’s egalitarian, decentralised and free of snooping​?​

The office planner on the wall features two reminders: “Technosocialism” and “Indienet …
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22 days ago by p-jo
Lorde Attends Grammys, Rocks a Jenny Holzer Poem - PAPERMAG
Though Lorde is nominated for Album of the Year at the 2018 Grammys for Melodrama, it was reported that she would be boycotting the red carpet and an offer to perform a group tribute to Tom Petty because she wasn't given the opportunity to perform solo like the other (all male) nominees in her …
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23 days ago by p-jo
Post-work: the radical idea of a world without jobs | News | The Guardian
Work has ruled our lives for centuries, and it does so today more than ever. But a new generation of thinkers insists there is an alternative. By Andy Beckett

Work is the master of the modern world. For most people, it is impossible to imagine society without it. It dominates and pervades everyday …
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4 weeks ago by p-jo
Here be monsters: Trump's "white working class" | Trump | Al Jazeera
Is the 'white working class' really responsible for the rise of right-wing populism in the US?

For those of the centre-left around the world, the election of Donald Trump was the inauguration of a political dark age. The besuited directors of a more humane, liberalised and inclusive capitalism - a …
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5 weeks ago by p-jo
The indigenous feminist rebel fighting to become Mexico’s president | Dazed
Here’s why you need to know about María de Jesús Patricio and the voice she brings to outsiders

17January 2018

For what’s supposed to be a democracy, the political situation in Mexico is notoriously undemocratic. The current president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is a member of PRI, the political party that …
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5 weeks ago by p-jo
Meet Antifa's Secret Weapon Against Far-Right Extremists | WIRED
The email arrived just as Megan Squire was starting to cook Thanksgiving dinner. She was flitting between the kitchen, where some chicken soup was …
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5 weeks ago by p-jo
New York City just declared war on the oil industry | Bill McKibben | Opinion | The Guardian
The home of Wall Street announced on Wednesday that it will be divesting its massive pension fund from fossil fuels. That hits fossil fuel giants where it hurts

Over the years the capitol of the fight against climate change has been Kyoto, or Paris – that’s where the symbolic political agreements to …
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6 weeks ago by p-jo
006 - Of Flying Cars And The Declining Rate Of Profit
In which we talk about David Graeber's 2012 essay "Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit".

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6 weeks ago by p-jo

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