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Sifter provides search and retrieve access to every undeleted Tweet in the history of Twitter - submit estimate requests using a variety of query rules.
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january 2017 by kpieper876
https - AWS Lambda cannot connect to Kinesis Firehose "Max retries exceeded with url" - Stack Overflow
Currently you can't connect a Lambda task directly to Kinesis Firehose, only to Kineses Streams. One way around this is to let Firehose write a file to S3 and then trigger a Lambda task via S3 event notifications.
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december 2016 by pskomoroch
Creating an Amazon Kinesis Firehose Delivery Stream - Amazon Kinesis Firehose
Firehose buffers incoming data before delivering it to Amazon S3. You can choose Buffer size (1-128 MBs) or Buffer interval (60-900 seconds), and whichever condition is satisfied first triggers the data delivery to Amazon S3. Please note that in circumstances where data delivery to the destination is falling behind data writing to the delivery stream, Firehose raises the buffer size dynamically to catch up and make sure that all data is delivered to the destination.
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november 2016 by pskomoroch
Twitter’s ‘firehose’ of tweets is incredibly valuable—and just as dangerous • Bloomberg
Benjamin Elgin and Peter Robison:
<p>For years, Twitter has offered access to its “Firehose”—the global deluge of tweets, half a billion a day—to a number of companies that monitor social media. Some of those companies resell the information—mostly to marketers, but also to governments and law enforcement agencies around the world. Some of these authorities use the data to track dissidents, as Bloomberg Businessweek has learned through dozens of interviews with industry insiders and more than 100 requests for public records from law enforcement agencies in the U.S.

There’s nothing illegal about selling Twitter data, but it’s uncomfortable for a company that promotes itself as a medium for free speech and protest. Twitter issues regular transparency reports and has gone to court to fight censorship. Dorsey himself marched with Black Lives Matter activists in 2014, regularly tweeting messages of support and appearing at a conference this June wearing a #staywoke T-shirt. But amid Dorsey’s activism, one data user, Chicago monitoring company Geofeedia, was hired by California police departments after pitching its ability to identify civil rights protesters, according to an American Civil Liberties Union report released in September. Twitter, which touts a policy that prohibits third parties from making content available “to investigate, track or surveil Twitter’s users or their content,” cut ties with Geofeedia in October.

Twitter offers a free, stripped-down version of the full Firehose to the public, and in recent years, at least 17 companies besides Geofeedia have marketed surveillance products that make use of Twitter data to law enforcement organizations.</p>

A warning before you click through: autoplay video ahead.
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october 2016 by charlesarthur
And this is what I intend to buy instead.
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june 2016 by daisyk

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