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UPDATE 2-Payments firm Adyen plans June listing amid flurry of deals | Reuters
Dutch payments firm Adyen announces plans to IPO in June, reportedly at a €6-9bn valuation
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How It Works - Ribbon Home | Helping home buyers win and access discounts
Ribbon is starting with homes that match the following criteria:

Located within our service area (Charlotte, NC right now. We are launching in more markets soon.)
Ribbon valuation range of $100K to $600K
Single family residential homes, typically 3 beds, 2 baths, with at least a garage
We’ll also buy some townhomes and condos that can receive traditional financing and allow for rentals.
Clear title held by the seller
At least 1,300 square feet
Lot size of less than one acre
Of course there are always exceptions, so please reach out at (704) 912-4290 if you want to make a Ribbon Offer on a home that does not fit this criteria and we will try to find a way to help you!
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RT : Unbelievable Honor Among Friends! - in Fintech

Ranked No. 1 , & Global…
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The Gov 2.0 Daily
The latest The Gov 2.0 Daily! Thanks to
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