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68 - Proveedor de liquidez, Prime Broker, etc. hoy va de palabros... en Movimiento Trader en mp3(02/11 a las 18:16:37) 40:11 21843790 - iVoox
Audio en que se describe el concepto de prime broker, broker y dealer, y como funcionan estos, adelantando el interés de sus accionistas por delante del de sus clientes.
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8 hours ago by david.garciahz
Coders who trade: Wall Street designs its staff for the future | Bloomberg Professional Services
"For years, the investment bank recruited top coders to help its army of traders execute strategies with software, a role that’s becoming ever more important in a new era of automation. But the technology gurus seen as the future kept quitting while traditional traders stayed.

The firm’s solution: Register coders as full traders and hand them control of their desks. That move already is shaping who will run the trading division for decades to come."
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15 hours ago by gohai
Wall Street Oasis
Investment Banking & Finance Community
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16 hours ago by Z303
SelectingSuper is Australia's original source of independent information about superannuation that explains how it works, how to compare funds and help you choose the best one for your needs.
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yesterday by chris.leaman
Appolition - Saving for Freedom
Every year, millions of people are incarcerated because they cannot afford bail. Automatically give your spare change from everyday purchases to help prevent the detrimental impact this has on our community.
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yesterday by hanyu

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