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Deutschland spricht: Einen Mirko gibt es hier nicht | ZEIT ONLINE
Über "Deutschland spricht" habe ich einen Nachbarn gefunden, der nicht meiner politischen Meinung ist. Wir trafen uns zum Streit. Sie glauben nicht, was dann geschah.
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3 days ago by SimonHurtz
Eli Pariser Predicted the Future. Now He Can’t Escape It.
“The thing that wins now mostly has always won, and is not even news at all,” he says. “The thing that wins now is some guy surfing off his roof into a garbage container.”
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28 days ago by libbymiller
Why America is Self-Segregating – Data & Society: Points
In “Why America is Self-Segregating,” danah boyd looks back at the unraveling of two historical institutions through which social, racial, and class-based diversification of social networks was achieved — the US military and higher education — and asks how trends towards content personalization on social media continue to fragment Americans along ideological lines.
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28 days ago by rachaelsullivan
Eli Pariser predicted the future. now he can’t escape it • Backchannel
Jesse Hempel:
<p>Pariser’s work has led him to believe that blaming fake news for fractured discourse is a red herring. Yes, no doubt, social media is pushing stories that are just plain false. But what most people encounter online isn’t news at all. “The thing that wins now mostly has always won, and is not even news at all,” he says. “The thing that wins now is some guy surfing off his roof into a garbage container.”

The problem with online distribution, Pariser believes, is that specific, true information can’t compete with that guy surfing off his roof. “Is the truth loud enough?” he asks. “If the problem is that the truth isn’t loud enough, it points in very different directions than if the problem is that fake news is misleading people.” I caught up with Pariser last week to discuss how his notion of the filter bubble has evolved.</p>

It's a worthwhile interview. Such as this answer:
<p>After the election, I felt gratified that the idea that I had put out in the world was useful to people, but also worried that people were taking it a little too far. The filter bubble explains a lot about how liberals didn’t see Trump coming, but not very much about how he won the election. I think even if you’re talking about the conservative media ecosystem, my guess is that talk-radio, local news, and Fox are a much more important piece of that story than random conservative fake news.</p>
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28 days ago by charlesarthur
RT : Trump beim Papst. Welches Foto hat das Medium Ihres Vertrauens Ihnen gestern präsentiert?
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4 weeks ago by Hawkhare
Personality and polarisation: The big sort | The Economist
The paralysing polarisation dogging Washington may be a consequence of the geographic clustering of like personalities
4 weeks ago by zryb
A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America
The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

Book • By Richard Rothstein • 2017
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7 weeks ago by zryb
Facebook und die Filterblase: Kolumne von Sascha Lobo - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Können soziale Medien wie Facebook die Bundestagswahl entscheidend beeinflussen? Ja, meint Sascha Lobo. Aber auf andere Art als oft vermutet.
facebook  filterbubble  politics  germany  psychology 
8 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
Bundestagswahl - Wie Facebook die Wahl beeinflusst
Der Wahlkampf findet 2017 auch auf Facebook statt. Wie wird im sozialen Netzwerk Politik gemacht? Und wie wird das die Bundestagswahl beeinflussen?
facebook  filterbubble  ddj  data  politics  germany 
8 weeks ago by SimonHurtz

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