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Reclaimed vintage and film cameras -
The best platform for anyone in the world to buy second hand cameras and equipment. All of our products have been inspected or fully serviced by professionals. is the home of the world's happiest cameras.

We are a passionate group of camera enthusiasts who love to see reclaimed cameras fall into the right hands. Our team created Cameraventures to be the best and easiest platform for anyone on earth to buy a camera.

We strive to maintain a high standard of reliability and hassle-free transactions by partnering with only the most reliable retailers. This means that every product listed on Cameraventures is guaranteed to be sold and shipped by a professional company.

Over the years we've shown the world to our cameras and we're convinced that's what they enjoy the most. Make a camera happy − take it out for a venture!
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yesterday by abetancort
Moviemania - Textless high-resolution movie wallpapers
largest textless high-resolution movie wallpapers database on the Internet.
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2 days ago by pupi
Hear Dziga Vertov's Revolutionary Experiments in Sound: From His Radio Broadcasts to His First Sound Film | Open Culture
Hear Dziga Vertov’s Revolutionary Experiments in Sound: From His Radio Broadcasts to His First Sound Film
russian-art  film  video  documentary 
2 days ago by jtallison
Bright Wall/Dark Room.
Writing mainly about movies that are worth watching -- a tint towards the melodramatic, artistic, obsessive, larger than life
movies  film 
2 days ago by perspectivelute
BFI Filmography
"Welcome to BFI Filmography – a complete history of UK feature film, explorable and shareable."
film  history  british  reference  work 
2 days ago by Theatro
Maxime Guyon
Chez Mr l'Agent, via Arthur Teboul
photographe  film 
2 days ago by sandyartbuyer

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