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Can an Army of Bitcoin "Bounty Hunters" Deter Pirates? - TorrentFreak
Anti-piracy organizations have come up with a wide variety of measures to combat copyright infringement over the years, with varying results. Enlisting the public to track down pirates in exchange for Bitcoin bounties is one of the more exotic ways, but according to eBook publisher Erudition, it's a great way to tackle this growing problem. And they're not alone.
bitcoin  pirateria  ebook  spunti  filesharing 
4 days ago by nicoladagostino
Resilio Sync Home - the fast and secure way to get all your files on all your devices
Fast and reliable file and folder synchronization solution for individuals.
backup  filesharing  dropbox  sync 
4 days ago by Aoterra
networking - Using xdg-open for accessing network with normal explorer - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange []
Yes, you can separate the domain from the user with a semicolon, just like in Mac's Finder:
Tips for mounting SMB shares

xdg-open doesn't appear to be able to mount shares that aren't mounted. For example, here's a SMB share that hasn't been explicitly mounted yet via Nautilus:

% xdg-open 'smb://MYDOM;sam@bart/sam'
gvfs-open: smb://MYDOM;sam@bart/sam/: error opening location: The specified location is not
remotefilesystems  filesharing  smb  samba  commandline  linux  maybesolution 
14 days ago by kme
Firefox Send
Encrypt and send files with a link that automatically expires to ensure your important documents don’t stay online forever.
filesharing  mozilla  security  tools  encrypted  files  firefox  send  upload  encryption 
14 days ago by speckz

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