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Trendmind — Исскуственный интеллект для дизайна одежды
Отечественный сервис помогает генерировать дизайн одежды. Один из его основателей Татьяна Попова рассказывает историю создания ―
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yesterday by jvetrau
Beefcake Swimwear: Androgynous swimsuits with 1920s style
Nonbinary one-piece swimsuits inspired by unisex 1920s swimwear. Fashion AND function. Sizes XS - 5X. Fully funded on Kickstarter!
swimsuits  fashion  gender-neutral  clothes  swimming 
2 days ago by sasha_feather’s new API makes visual search accessible to more online fashion retailers
Called Visual Search for All, the white-label feature can be integrated into retail websites or apps within 24 hours and lets shoppers upload photos saved on their phones, like screenshots from Instagram, to find similar products for sale. It is based on the same technology as’s search tools for large fashion brands and publishers, which shows shoppers relevant items when they hover a cursor over part of an image (some of’s clients include Marks & Spencer and Kohl’s).
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2 days ago by seaugust
Bolt Threads creates $198 hat made from synthetic spider silk and wool
Bolt Threads recently announced its first ever acquisition when it snapped up Best Made Company, a New York-based outdoor apparel company. Thus, the duo’s first collaborative product is the Best Made Microsilk Cap of Courage.
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2 days ago by seaugust

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