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I wore men’s clothes for a month – and it changed my life - The F-Word
If I were to draw a graph showing ‘how formal I look’ and ‘how comfortable I feel’ for the preceding twenty years, it would be what we mathematicians call a negative correlation – as one increases, the other decreases proportionately.

Looking formal, for a woman, generally involves showing more flesh, wearing tighter and more figure-hugging clothing, higher shoes, tights, Spanx, jewellery and complicated hairdos. It’s a list of things that make me feel physically uncomfortable and self-conscious. Any time I have left the house to do anything vaguely important, I’ve been uncomfortable, and the more important the thing, the more uncomfortable I’ve been.

This fundamental truth floors me. This is patriarchy in action. Not only have I been complicit in the societal conspiracy to judge me primarily on my looks, I’ve had to operate within a system that makes me less confident, more self-conscious, and generally in more physical distress than your average man.
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Amazon Will Sell Nike Shoes Directly Through Brand Registry
When brands work directly with Seattle-based Amazon, they can point out violations and have the counterfeit goods removed. Amazon eventually aims to use machine learning to detect knockoff products before they’re even posted to the site, the person familiar with the matter said. Almost 2,000 branded products are registered in the Amazon program so far, including Victoria’s Secret, Toms, Patagonia, Johnson & Johnson, Clorox and Procter & Gamble, the person said.
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3 days ago by seaugust
The Amazon of China invested $400 million into one of the most valuable fashion startups, Alibaba’s largest rival in the Chinese e-commerce market, has invested nearly $400 million into Farfetch, a fast-growing online marketplace for luxury fashion boutiques.
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