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Vanessa Pilon devient mannequin pour Simons -
L’animatrice a été invitée par la chaîne de magasins québécoise à présenter les looks de la rentrée.
La magnifique et sympathique Vanessa Pilon s’est prêtée au jeu du mannequinat afin de présenter certains looks de la collection d’automne de Twik des magasins Simons.
L’animatrice présente du même coup les bijoux Humanity dont chaque pièce unique est fabriquée à la main au Québec.
Rappelons que l’an dernier à pareille date c’est Maripier Morin qui était la tête d’affiche de certaines collections de Simons.
Cliquez sur le nom du vêtement ou de la collection afin de visiter la page officielle...
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Essie Davis Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family, Achievements of Australian Actress
Esther Essie Davis is an Australian actress best known for her role in the broadly successful series ‘Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries,' and the film ‘The Babadook.’ She has also been a part of many Australian and American films and Television series’ and continues to rise as one of the few Australian actors shining brightly in Hollywood. Her stint with art happened at a very early age, all thanks to her father and later, she went on to study art at National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. Her acting career officially took-off in Australia. As she graduated, she started acting in theatre, and brought many of Shakespeare’s characters to life. Essie moved to movies making her debut with the 1995 film ‘Dad and Dave: On Our Selection’ where her performance resonated with makers from Hollywood and the Australian film industry. And soon enough, she found herself acting in big films such as The Matrix series and ‘Australia.' Awards kept coming and she got her hands on a Tony Award, a Critics Award for Best Actress at Toronto International Film Festival and a Chainsaw award for best actress.
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How Gareth Southgate became an unstoppable style icon | Fashion | The Guardian
The 90s plaid shirts have been replaced with three-piece suits, expensive shoes and a neat beard. Is the England manager now the most fashionable man in football?
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