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Merchmakr DIY Screen Printing Supplies
Merchmakr is a super compact screen printing system that includes everything you need to get started making your own T-shirts—except the shirts themselves. Unlike regular screen printing kits, it has an exposure unit for making your own screen stencils, and it does multicolor designs because it has our awesome, patented HotSwap registration system.
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studio JUX: shop for fair trade clothing, vegan gifts + green living
Discover sustainable fashion, fair trade clothing, vegan gifts & green living ✓ Guilt-free Goods ✓ Shop now!
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Leestip: Dit is een goede gids - Awkward Duckling
Nog nooit was ik zo enthousiast over een duurzame gids als over 'Dit is een goede gids' van Marieke Eyskoot. Dit groene handboek is een must read!
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How to Wear a Navy Blazer | The Art of Manliness
What to Wear With a Navy Blazer - Added April 11, 2018 at 02:18PM
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Plus-size Instagram star attacks brands like Club Monaco and Zara for failing to offer bigger sizes
#MakeMySize! Plus-size Instagram star attacks brands like Club Monaco and Zara for failing to offer bigger sizes - while posting images of herself in their largest options
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The Myth of the Ethical Shopper
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport calls Li & Fung’s operations “ephemeral.” It has 15,000 supplier factories in 40 countries, but doesn’t own or operate any of them. It’s a coordinator, configuring cotton suppliers, textile mills, stitching and sewing houses into a straight line just long enough to deliver one order to one buyer, and then reconfiguring them for the next.

Li & Fung does inspect its suppliers and send reports back to its buyers. But there’s no guarantee that orders will be filled by the same factory twice, and audits are often carried out after the order has already been placed. And so clothing companies have no ability or incentive to fix what they find.

Jeroen Merk, a researcher at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam—and one of the few academics who’s investigating the megasuppliers—says their business model is deliberately organized to keep buyers separated from factories. If brands discover what factories charge, they might work with them directly and keep the margin for themselves. Some companies ordering clothes through megasuppliers, he says, don’t know which factories they were made in—or even which countries.

After the Tazreen fire, NGO campaigns focused on how Wal-Mart was responsible for 60 percent of the clothing being produced there. But Wal-Mart never actually placed an order with Tazreen. In fact, over a year before the fire, Wal-Mart inspected the factory and discovered that it was unsafe. By the time of the fire, it had banned its suppliers from using it.

So here’s how its products ended up at Tazreen anyway: Wal-Mart hired a megasupplier called Success Apparel to fill an order for shorts. Success hired another company, Simco, to carry out the work. Simco—without telling Success, much less Wal-Mart—sub-contracted 7 percent of the order to Tazreen’s parent company, the Tuba Group, which then assigned it to Tazreen. Two other sub- (or sub-sub-sub-) contractors also placed Wal-Mart orders at Tazreen, also without telling the company.

We are not going to shop ourselves into a better world. Advocating for boring stuff like complaint mechanisms and formalized labor contracts is nowhere near as satisfying as buying a pair of Fair Trade sandals or whatever. But that’s how the hard work of development actually gets done: Not by imploring people to buy better, but by giving them no other option.
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