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The gay yeehaw agenda
Three western / gay outfits from the Grammies
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6 hours ago by nelson
The 7 Biggest Mistakes Men Over 40 Make | Mojo40
Men, you are complete idiots if you don’t do this one thing
Get a tailored blue blazer. Just toss on your blazer over a white shirt and jeans and — shazam! Your whole look changes. If you put it over a patterned shirt and nicer pants, it is an even bigger transformation. And, if you want to go all Don Draper, add a pocket square (a colorful little bit of silk you put in the outside pocket). Do not skip the tailored step. No matter what type of shape you’re in, you’ll look slimmer and taller if it’s tailored.

You’re also idiots if you omit these 6 tips

Smile. Men don’t smile nearly as much as women, so when they do, everyone (especially women) really notices. It’s totally unfair that men get so much attention for something that is almost the default expression for women.
Update your glasses. Whether prescription or sunglasses, it’s not enough for them just to be functional. Unless they are are the cool retro type, you need to update your frames. Men over 40 often neglect to do this because they hate change and it seems too foo-foo.
Get a haircut, become friends with a hair product, and embrace your baldness. Oh my gosh — the one area where men finally are at a disadvantage. If you have hair, make the most of it with a great cut and hair products. Always, get a good hair stylist that focuses on men. If you’re balding, go with it. Once again, talk to a stylist who can help you.
Diversify your friendships. If you’re straight, you need to expand your circle and include some gay men and straight women friends. Gays, you already have women friends and some straight acquaintances; you need to become closer friends with some key straight guys. And to round out the whole kumbaya circle, everyone should be friends with lesbians. You will become much more interesting — and everyone finds that’s sexy.
Ask a woman questions, then shut up and really listen. Did you know that most women will keep a running score of how many questions you’ve asked compared to how many she’s asked? Most men don’t ask that many questions. When you ask and really listen to the answer, everyone thinks you’re much better looking and charming than when you were just talking about yourself.
Lift weights. I’m ending this the same way I ended the women’s list. Lift weights because it will get you in shape faster than cardio (although do that, too) and everything looks better on a nicely muscled frame. Plus, when you feel in shape and strong, you move with so much more confidence. And what’s more stylish than that?
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6 hours ago by robertocarroll
Louis Vuitton’s New Campaign Is a Star-Studded Homage to 70s Pulp Fiction | AnOther
The Collier Schorr-shot Pre-Fall 2020 campaign imagines 1970s-style horror and sci-fi titles with cover stars including Léa Seydoux, Robyn and Chloë Grace Moretz
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21 hours ago by rrraul
In Fashion, Who Really Gets Ahead? - The New York Times
AT a cocktail party at Chelsea Piers on Sunday night, an annual Toys for Tots charity drive that draws a crowd of mostly gay men, the designer Peter Som wryly observed that there were so many designers, retail executives and publicists present that if the pier collapsed, "there would be no fashion industry tomorrow."

Two months earlier, Tara Subkoff, the agent provocateur behind the label Imitation of Christ, had remarked during a public forum, with a great deal of irritation, that fashion "is a gay man's profession."

Ms. Subkoff was annoyed; Mr. Som was amused.

The difference between their attitudes toward the gay male dominance of the fashion industry, a peculiar and widely acknowledged circumstance, illustrates a growing tension between those who feel they are discriminated against and those who feel somewhat favored by a perception, largely unexamined, that men are better designers than women, and gay men are the best designers of all.

Many female designers perceive that their male counterparts have won more industry honors and are featured more prominently in magazines. On television, they note, advice on style and design is almost invariably sought from a vibrantly gay man -- witness "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," the new "Isaac" talk show with Isaac Mizrahi on the Style channel and "Project Runway" on Bravo, which began its second season on Wednesday night. Its cast of 16 includes 8 male contestants, 7 of them gay, a spokesman for Bravo said.
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22 hours ago by rmohns
Best Hatted: 1949 | Shorpy Old Photos | Poster Art
"Princess Grace of Monaco, 1957 recipient of the first annual Golden Hat Award after being named 'Best Hatted Woman in the World' by the Millinery Institute of America, shown in 1949 as a teen-age hat model for the United States millinery industry." View full size:
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yesterday by rgl7194
Insert Coin Fashions
shirts and casual gaming logoed clothing
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yesterday by WillItWork
3D People Dataset
First dataset for computer vision research of dressed humans with specific geometry representation for the clothes. It contains ~2 Million images with 40 male/40 female performing 70 actions. via Pocket
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3 days ago by kintopp

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