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RT : This is a great thread of how re-purposed images are being used to create a narrative about violence at…
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2 days ago by acdha
What Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others are doing to tackle hate speech | TechCrunch
In the wake of all of this news, we’ve reached out to a number of top sites to gauge what proactive steps they’re taking to address the rising tide of online hate speech.
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3 days ago by dancall
You can’t sell news for what it costs to make – The Walkley Magazine – Medium
Being able to sort the wheat from the chaff in large news streams could also benefit any subscription system. It would enable a publisher to package a set of high-scoring news stories and augment them with the same quality archives, delivering premium contextualisation, all in a completely automated way.
Technically speaking, the News Quality Scoring project doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It is built on proven technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing.
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3 days ago by dancall
No, a Map NASA Sent to Space Is Not Dangerous to Earth
Sometimes really is fake news. Our response to the bogus stories about the Voyager map.
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4 days ago by dalcrose
(5) The frogurt is also cursed. | MetaFilter
With due respect to our broader-minded Christian friends, I think this started with our desire to be patient with and inclusive of fundamentalists whose views flew in the face of facts, science, and measurable data. We "respected their beliefs" by letting them "have their own facts" and that particular breed of stupid spread through conservatism like kudzu on an abandoned Mississippi gas station.

I feel like I live in a vat of cortisol.
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4 days ago by craniac
Fake News: Teasing out the problems with all of the solutions offered so far…
Even if we somehow manage to solve these impossibly difficult problems of identifying Fake news, verifying accurate reporting, identifying unreliable news sources, and amplifying sources of high reputation, then does that give us an outcome we want?
To me the answer is clearly: No.
Success on those endeavours simply gives us another layer of editorialisation that forces populations into new (larger, reinforced) echo chambers where all of your news sources are fundamentally the same, and all of your extended social interactions are being fed the same sources and social opinions, and the fences that we look over in the modern social media wall, are now giant walls, separating entire communities.
5 days ago by glanosga
Facebook Journalism Project: Six Month Update | Facebook Media
Local News
Our work on local news is still nascent, but we know that local news is the starting place for great journalism. We’ve met with dozens of local newsrooms across the world to understand how we can best help and, in the U.S., we have begun testing new ways to help people discover local news on Facebook.
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5 days ago by glanosga

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