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What People Really Want in a News Organization - The Atlantic
project has brought together more than 70 news organizations to work on a transparency system that would show how a story came to be and who stands behind it.
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6 hours ago by glanosga
Manipulierte Videos Auf dem Weg in eine alternative Realität?
Stand: 22.02.2018 17:21 Uhr
Im Netz kursiert ein manipulierter Film: Eine Frau zeigt ihre Wohnung; im Wohnzimmer prangt ein Hakenkreuz an der Wand. Eine Fälschung. Solche und noch komplexere Fakes kann inzwischen jeder produzieren.

Von Patrick Gensing, tagesschau.de
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8 hours ago by amprekord
#BotSpot: Twelve Ways to Spot a Bot – DFRLab – Medium
What is most important, however, is awareness. Users who can identify bots themselves are less likely to be manipulated by them; they may even be able to report the botnets and have them shut down. Ultimately, bots exist to influence human users. The purpose of this article is to help human users spot the signs.
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yesterday by glanosga
How to verify a photo online
Google Images was the first online tool that people used widely to carry out reverse image searches. However, it isn’t perfect and it doesn’t always find the origin of an image. And, sometimes, it can even provide false information.
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yesterday by glanosga
RT : How to counteract stories on using data from a study published in American Journal of Health Educ…
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2 days ago by freethinker
Facebook is trying to fight by favoring publications that are "broadly trusted." What does that even mean…
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