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When the Nazis Photoshopped a tank into a picture of Dover beach to freak everyone out
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22 hours ago by bowbrick
Not #FakeNews. Not sure who's more brilliant, the @KFC handler who did this or @edgette22 for noticing it. https://t.co/jWKeQFMmGF
2 days ago by jasonkenney
Fool Me Once - Abby K. Wood
Fake News is not “news”; it is native political advertising. Disinformation, spread under the guise of “news”, is particularly confusing to voters. Fake news, or, as we call it, “disinformation advertising”, undermines voter competence, or voters’ ability to make the choice that is right for them. Regulations to address it should aim to improve voter competence in three ways: (1) reduce the cognitive burden on the voter by reducing the amount of disinformation to which they’re exposed; (2) educate and nudge social media users in order to inoculate voters from the negative effects of the disinformation and teach them how to avoid unintentionally spreading it; and (3) improve transparency to facilitate speech that counters disinformation after it is spread, creating the possibility that voters will receive “corrected” information. The transparency improvements we recommend will conform disclosure requirements for online advertising to requirements for broadcast, cable, satellite, and radio political ads.               
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2 days ago by Jswindle
Former FEC Chair Demands Internet "Disinformation" Crackdown In Major Threat To Free Speech | Zero Hedge
In one of the most reckless and chilling attacks on free speech, the former chair of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Berkeley lecturer Ann Ravel is pushing for a federal crackdown on “disinformation” on the Internet - a term that she conspicuously fails to concretely define. 
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2 days ago by Jswindle

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