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keeping the faith | a little dose of keelium
Here is something I believe, deeply: If you are gracious and kind and genuine (even when the latter feels terrifyingly weak and vulnerable), if you reach out to other people who do good work and connect with them, praise them, lift them up, if you put your work/ideas out into the world and listen to feedback and keep striving to improve.... [ 882 more words ] http://ift.tt/2eJoJo0
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october 2016 by madness_dreams
Waving a white flag | a little dose of keelium
I've been passionate about education for a long time. My passion grew initially out of self-interest and childish anger--I was frustrated that, as a precocious little gifted kid, school was effectively a pen where I was held most of the day while I read my library books. You see, I knew it *could* be more than that, because I was a lucky little bastard with middle class parents who were able to scrape together the money to send me to Johns Hopkins gifted kids summer camp, where I sat all day in class with other obnoxiously nerdy kids and had my mind fed to bursting by passionate expert educators. [ 789 more words ] http://ift.tt/2drIAM9
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october 2016 by madness_dreams
The paralyzing freedom of unemployment | a little dose of keelium
Last night, my partner and I watched a new TV show together until 3am. Even after that, I had trouble sleeping. After some stretching and meditation, I probably fell asleep around 3:45am. I woke up for the first time this morning around 8:30, my face sweaty against the futon cover on the futon in our office, where I'd fallen asleep after meditating. [ 614 more words ] http://ift.tt/2chKVYt
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september 2016 by madness_dreams
Circling back around | a little dose of keelium
Hello again internet. It's been awhile. I've been writing like this--an open journal, letters to the internet--on and off for almost half my life. But if you're reading this, it's probably because you read the particular incarnation of my public-facing journal that began while I was in the process of leaving my PhD program--then the biggest failure in my life. [ 833 more words ] http://ift.tt/2crKjh4
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september 2016 by madness_dreams
Ich bin letztes Wochenende zum 27ten Mal an den Bodensee gefahren um eine Fahrradmesse zu besuchen. Wie jedes Jahr frage ich mich „warum muß die Messe eigentlich hier stattfinden?“ Wenn ich zum Bodensee möchte kann ich zum Bodensee fahren. Aber eine Messe sollte wenn es nach mir geht gerne in einer richtigen Messestadt stattfinden. Ich freu‘ mich drauf wenn die Eurobike es endlich einsieht. München, Stuttgart, Berlin oder Frankfurt. Ich bin dabei! Eurobike am Bodensee: Kehrt die Fahrrad-Messe Friedrichshafen den Rücken? - Baden-Württemberg - Stuttgarter Zeitunghttps://https://ift.tt/2NcmE5t
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august 2016 by hansdorsch
Facebook Page Design Changes: What Marketers Need to Know
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august 2016 by socialmedia
Understanding, Being Understanding
Understanding others depends on understanding ourselves. I try to do this, and I try to help my 3-year-old do this.
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july 2016 by juniorbird
Got Fake Facebook Fans? How to Protect Your Facebook Page : Social Media Examiner
Do you have fake fans on your page? This article shows how to spot fake Facebook fans and what to do about them.
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july 2016 by BertrandSoulier
New Balance
I've been thinking a lot lately about how to have more-balanced relationships -- not just with adults, but with my son. Here's what I've come up with. Maybe I think too much.
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june 2016 by juniorbird
Noah's Ark at the Skirball Center
We visited Noah's Ark at the Skirball Center -- amazing art, even more amazing place for families!
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may 2016 by juniorbird

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