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I never bought them for aphid control (you need ducks for that) I just bought em because it's totally cool to set free hundreds of tiny bugs!
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19 hours ago by anotherkevin
I can't resist free book day.
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20 hours ago by craniac
Escaped pet birds are teaching wild birds to speak English : TreeHugger
Escaped pet birds are teaching wild birds to speak English:This will not end well. The birds beat Australia the last time they went to war; now the birds will know English?
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21 hours ago by juniorbird
S-Town Podcast
If there is a pulitzer prize for podcasts, S-town deserves to win it.
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21 hours ago by craniac
The Fyre Festival: The Fiasco We All Should Have Seen Coming | WIRED
Not much ages well on the internet. But the 1994 New Yorker cartoon of a dog sitting behind a desktop—“On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”—only gets better with time. The social media age has turned the best of us into internet hucksters. via Pocket
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21 hours ago by kkahnharris
NO SMOKING - Street Photography #nyc #Manhattan
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21 hours ago by jikatu

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