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How to deploy TensorFlow models to production using TF Serving
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
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1 hour ago by ohnice
James Bond 25: True Detective's Cary Fukunaga named as director | Film | The Guardian
Danny Boyle’s replacement as director of the 25th James Bond film has been named as Cary Fukunaga. In a statement released on Thursday, producers confirmed the hire of the Beasts of No Nation film-maker, saying: via Pocket
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2 hours ago by kkahnharris
The iPhone XS camera beats the iPhone X, but not the Pixel 2 - The Verge
<<My major grievance with the iPhone X camera was that, when you zoomed in up close, fine detail and sharp edges would be lost to a mix of noise-reducing smoothing and dithering. Under challenging light, people’s faces would look like wax figurines at the start of their disintegration after Thanos had snapped his fingers. Equipped with a 32 percent larger sensor, the iPhone XS puts much of that trouble behind it. This camera is much better than the one on the iPhone X.>>
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6 hours ago by jikatu
Tennessee Football - PUT ON MORE STEAM | Facebook
: Tennessee Football : #VolNation, don't let up. [ Narrated by Admiral Schofield ] #PoweredByTheT : September 19, 2018 at 10:58PM
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10 hours ago by Resseguie
Facebook could face EU sanctions if it doesn’t change its terms of service - The Verge
The social network has yet to comply with new EU rules instituted back in March
10 hours ago by noiseguy
Mouthbreather__ - She handled that pretty well I don't...
The other night my solution to finding a snake on the porch was to rush inside and yell “SNAKE ON THE PORCH!!!!!!” to my husband. So yea.
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11 hours ago by kallure

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