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Dictate-Speech Recognition for Microsoft Office
občas sa vyskytne rodič, ktorý nás presviedča, že by sme mali v škole zaviesť vyučovanie strojopisu, že vraj sa to tým deťom bude hodiť do života... keď som tú debatu viedol naposledy, kúsal som si do jazyka, aby som neposobil arogantne s tvrdením, že sa obávam, že dnešné deti už naozaj nebudú strojopis potrebovať (asi tak ako sa nikdy nebudú učiť šoférovať) ... aj keď ja viem, všetky tie krásne prepoje v mozgu, ktoré sa vytvárajú pri tom strojopise #slobodavpisani ...
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yesterday by romanca
Your Travel Ban Isn’t Safe Yet, Mr. Trump - NYTimes.com
<<The court made it clear that the Fourth and Ninth Circuits were correct to suspend the ban for those nationals who have “bona fide” relationships here in the country. That is a long list: families, university students and professors, business owners and partners. In drawing that line, the Supreme Court handed a major victory to the plaintiffs who brought these cases — people with families affected by the ban and the Hawaii attorney general, who sued, in part, on behalf of the state’s university and its students. It’s possible that the court will never make a final ruling on the legality of the travel ban because Mr. Trump might allow the policy to expire. The justices might want to avoid stating the obvious: The president of the United States signed an executive order based on unconscionable prejudice against Muslims. Courts generally like to avoid such direct confrontation between the branches when possible. But for those who look carefully, it is clear that the justices have already rebuked him by keeping the injunction on his ban in place for a significant segment of those who would have been affected by it.>>
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yesterday by jikatu
Genesys - Fantasy Flight Games
Ser ut vara ett riktigt spännande rollspelskoncept. | Genesys "Announcing a New Roleplaying Game Featuring the Narrative Dice System"
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