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Saimon's Page - Project Nsearch
Saimon, Ikeke, Emlyn and 2 more joined Project Nsearch http://ift.tt/2xWrzUP
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7 hours ago by Buffalo_Goku
Far-right scores surprise success in Czech election
PRAGUE, Oct 21 (Reuters) - A far-right party whose leader wants to quit the EU and urged Czechs to walk pigs near mosques and stop eating kebabs, performed surprisingly well in an election, potentially giving it a chance to influence how the next government is formed. via Pocket
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7 hours ago by Buffalo_Goku
"It's Very Common": Baltimore Teacher Admits To Passing Students That Never Showed For A Single Day Of Class | Zero Hedge
Teaching can be a thankless job. Talk to almost any educator in the public school system and you're bound to get a earful about grueling hours, disrespectful kids, infuriating bureaucracy and minimal pay. via Pocket
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7 hours ago by Buffalo_Goku
Hurricanes Controlled by US Lasers! Insider Tells All! - Project Nsearch
Hurricanes Controlled by US Lasers! Insider Tells All! http://ift.tt/2yAfKDr

Weather Warfare Guy Spills Beans on Hurricanes! They use lasers! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

George W. Bush refused to sign the UN treaty preventing weather warfare and that's when we had Katrina!  The US would not sign the treaty because the treaty said you could not use the weather weapons against your own people!  Now that Trump has got in to the White House they are going crazy with causing chaos with their weather weapons!

Listen to this weather warfare expert, James McCanney, spill the beans on how all the hurricanes are being strengthened and steered using lasers which feed massive amounts of electricity to the hurricanes from the atmosphere.  By shooting the laser at different parts of the hurricane eye they can steer it to go anywhere they want!  They created this technology to originally steer the hurricanes into the North Atlantic where they could safely dissipate!  

Get this information out EVERYWHERE!   We have an insider telling all the secrets!  This must be sent to all email lists, social networks and websites.  Just like in the Hollywood movie, Geostorm, all our weather is being engineered and the people in control of the toys are killing people!  The people around the world must be told the truth!

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