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高齢者の事故数が増えているというのはミスリード (#3411116) | 昨年75歳以上のドライバーが起こした事故数、若年ドライバーの事故数を上回る | スラド
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2 days ago by k3c
How democracy dies
Three ways in which democracies die: Coups, catastrophes, and technological takeovers. None of those are inevitable, but none have solutions.
5 days ago by jubois
What happens when automation means that what...
"What happens when automation means that what everyone needs, and a lot of what people want, can be..."
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6 days ago by albertosesn
Facebook hasn't learned from past mistakes.
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6 days ago by blackthorne
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6 days ago by k3c
In reality, our political system is far less...
"In reality, our political system is far less democratic than it was a generation ago. Over the past..."
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7 days ago by albertosesn

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