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Everything you need to build Chromium and M
lease ensure you have node.js >= 7.x and Xcode (on macOS) installed on your machine. On macOS, you can install Xcode by running:

xcode-select --install
You can then get the latest code and build everything.
brave  macosx  extensions 
yesterday by gurno
Tools I wish I had known about when I started coding
Good productivity tools for web development, including chrome extensions, and VisualStudioCode extensions.
coding  tools  freeCodeCamp  editor  VisualStudioCode  extensions  productivity 
yesterday by lost_in_space
#Pragma Conference 2017 - Soroush Khanlou - You Deserve Nice Things - YouTube
Soroush Khanlou will be talking about when and why to add extensions to system classes. He'll also give a number of practical examples that you can take home and apply to your code.
swiftlang  extensions  bestpractices  api  design  ux  is:video 
3 days ago by cdzombak
Mailbox Alert :: Add-ons for Thunderbird
“Mailbox Alert allows you to specify, for each separate mail folder, a message, sound and/or a system command that will be executed when new mail is found there.”
thunderbird  notifications  extensions  mac  2018 
3 days ago by handcoding
GitHub - gorhill/uBO-Extra: A companion extension to uBlock Origin
A companion extension to uBlock Origin: to gain ability to foil early anti-user mechanisms working around content blockers or even a browser privacy settings.

The extension is useful only for Chromium-based browsers. There is no need for such an extension so far on Firefox, and thus there is no version for Firefox.
chrome  extensions  privacy 
10 days ago by Chirael

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