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Amazon follows Google and Apple and bans system-wide ad blockers on app store | Hacker News
I blacklist any site that is anti-adblocker. You should grab an old computer and install pi-hole on it and you will be able to blacklist sites and just stop the ads from getting into your home. https://pi-hole.net/

__david__ 15 minutes ago [-]

Also if you run OpenWRT/Lede there is a package called 'adblock' that does roughly the same thing as pihole, without the extra hardware requirements.
extensions  networking  marketing  amazon  google  apple  mobile 
5 days ago by Chirael
php | Docker Documentation
installing extensions example

docker-php-ext-configure optional depends on extension
docker-php-ext-configure  docker-php-ext-install  php  extensions  install  howto  example  docker  computing  web  dev 
6 days ago by therobyouknow
Note To Self Mail
(@siracusa suggested this as a stand-in for Mail to Self since that’s down for now.)
“I miss Extra Thought’s Mail to Self iOS app/extension. I’m using Note To Self Mail by Mathias Lipowski now, but it’s not quite the same.”
(via: https://twitter.com/siracusa/status/1006541453923946496)
mailtoself  2018  ios  email  extensions 
7 days ago by handcoding
Extra Thought’s Mail to Self is dead : IPhoneApps
“The app I’ve been using for the past year or so to mail links to my own email with one button, called ‘Mail to Self’ by Extra Thought mysteriously stopped working this week. A click or two later and not only has their website vanished, but they’re gone from the app store as well.

“I’m hurt, I’m pissed, and I gotta find a new app.”

(via: https://twitter.com/siracusa/status/1006541453923946496)
mailtoself  2018  ios  email  extensions 
7 days ago by handcoding
10 Must-have VS Code Extensions for JavaScript Developers
Michael lists a selection of must-have VS Code extensions for JavaScript developers, showing why VS Code is a serious contender for best code editor.
javascript  vscode  extensions 
12 days ago by berberich
What’s New in Safari - Apple Developer
(As of June 2018 about Safari 12.)
“Support for .safariextz-style Safari Extensions installed from the Safari Extensions Gallery is deprecated with Safari 12 on macOS. Submissions to the Safari Extensions Gallery will no longer be accepted after December 2018. Developers are encouraged to transition to Safari App Extensions.

“Support for developer-signed .safariextz Safari Extensions in Safari 12 on macOS has been removed. They no longer appear in Safari preferences and cannot be enabled. On first launch users will receive a warning notification and these extension will not load.”
safari  mac  osx  macos  extensions 
13 days ago by handcoding
library/php - Docker Hub
includes example of how to install extensions
docker  official  computing  dev  container  image  php  extensions  apache 
14 days ago by therobyouknow
Calm Twitter - Chrome Web Store
"Encourages you to stop for a breath before you send each tweet.
Suffer from tweetgret? Tortured by typos? Get into online spats? Calm Twitter is here for you. It guides you through a deep breathing exercise before checking if you *really* want to send that tweet.

From the options panel, you can set your preferred breath count/rate and if you want the animation to appear for tweets, replies, and/or retweets."
twitter  calm  slow  breathing  extensions  chrome 
17 days ago by robertogreco
Which accessibility testing tool should you use? – Pulsar – Medium
evaluates a number of different accessibility testing tools and extensions
webdesign  web  design  accessible  accessibility  ui  ux  tools  test  testing  extensions 
19 days ago by piperh

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