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NoScript FAQ — What is ABE?
A: ABE stands for "Application Boundaries Enforcer" and it's a technology against CSRF and internet-to-intranet attacks.
javascript  security  extensions  firefox  browser 
2 days ago by mikael
NoScript FAQ — What is ClearClick and how does it protect me from Clickjacking?
A: ClearClick is a NoScript specific anti-Clickjacking protection module developed during the September 2008 "Clickjacking panic". It received testing and feedback from many involved security researches such as RSnake and Jeremiah Grossman (the fathers of the term "Clickjacking"), Eduardo "Sirdarckcat" Vela and others, and now it's enabled by default, protecting NoScript users from Clickjacking everywhere: it even remains active if you switch NoScript in the less safe Allow scripts globally mode. How does it work? Clickjacking hides or displaces or partially covers something you wouldn't want to click, if you could see it in its original context. ClearClick does the opposite: whenever you click a plugin object or a framed page, it takes a screenshot of it alone and opaque (i.e. an image of it with no transparencies and no overlaying objects), then compares it with a screenshot of the parent page as you can see it. If the two images differ, a clickjacking attack is probably happening and NoScript raises a "ClearClick warning", showing you the contextualized and "clear" object you were about to click, so you can evaluate by yourself if that was really something you wanted to do. Of course there are many subtle technical details involved, but the basic concept is just simple like that.
javascript  security  browser  firefox  extensions 
2 days ago by mikael
Why Firefox Had to Kill Your Favorite Extension
"With Firefox Quantum, the complaint de jour is that certain extensions do not work anymore. Numerous high profile extensions, including DownThemAll and Greasemonkey, don’t currently work with Quantum. Others, including Firebug and ScrapBook, will likely never work again.

"This is frustrating if you’re a user of one of these services, and you might think it’s somewhat arbitrary. It isn’t. Like it or not, Mozilla felt they didn’t have a choice but to abandon what it calls 'legacy' add-ons in order to move forward. Here’s why."
firefox  extensions  2017  firefox57 
3 days ago by handcoding
Makes all exercises doable from the keyboard (no need to use the mouse for e.g. tap-the-matching-tiles exercises).
Duolingo  Greasemonkey  extensions  keyboard 
4 days ago by pne
Data Selfie
Data Selfie is a browser extension that tracks you while you are on Facebook to show you your own data traces and reveal what machine learning algorithms could predict about your personality based on that data.
extensions  firefox  chrome  privacy  surveillance  stats  facebook 
4 days ago by mikael
AdBlock Protector 2 — An anti-adblock defuser
AdBlock Protector 2 is a wrapper around uBlock Protector.

Step 1. Enable Adblock Warning Removal List in your adblocker settings page.
Step 2. Install AdBlock Protector 2 List.
ads  software  lists  browser  extensions 
5 days ago by mikael
Tree Style Tab code snippets for custom style rules — userChrome.css
Firefox's regular (horizontal) tab bar and sidebar's header are out of TST 2.x's control, because TST is now just a sidebar panel and there is no WebExtensions API to control them. However there are some workarounds based on custom stylesheet. Please note that there is no guarantee in future versions of Firefox.
tutorials  firefox  tabs  extensions 
5 days ago by mikael

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