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#1 Excel tutorial on the net - Excel Easy
Want to learn Excel quickly? Looking for a fully illustrated Excel tutorial? Using Excel 2007-2016? Looking for easy examples?
8 hours ago by tbweb
From Excel to SQL: Why You Should Make the Switch
Spreadsheet applications like Sheets and Excel are great for presentations, graphing, and small analyses, but they can be inadequate for tasks that require heavier lifting. SQL can complete most of those tasks faster, and it's more user-friendly from start to finish.
switch  from  excel  to  sql 
yesterday by gdw
New to Pivot Tables? Start with this short intro by — Excel 2016: Intro to PivotTables…
Excel  from twitter
yesterday by dtomoff
Release notes for Office 2016 for Mac - Office Support
Looks like this is Microsoft’s changelog for Office 2016 for Mac.
office  word  excel  2016  changelog  microsoft  2018  mac 
2 days ago by handcoding
2 Easy Ways to Consolidate Rows in Your Excel
When analyzing the data in Excel, you may find it contains multiple duplicate rows. In this case, perhaps you’ll want to quickly consolidate the rows. This post will offer 2 quick means to get it.
Combine  Values  Consolidate  Rows  Excel  Range  recovery  VBA  Sum 
2 days ago by DataNumen
How to Auto Log Each Printed Outlook Email in Excel Workbook
Some users hope to auto save logs of printed emails in their Outlook. However, there is not such a direct feature available. Hence, in this article, we’ll introduce a way to auto log each printed email in a specific Excel workbook.
Auto  Log  Printed  Email  Information  Excel  workbook  fix  Outlook  VBA  Print 
2 days ago by DataNumen
How to count unique values based on multiple criteria in Excel?
Sharing Useful Tips and Professional Tutorials for Using Excel and Handy Excel Add-ins: Kutools for Excel.
3 days ago by dofine
SVERWEIS NV# und 0 ausblenden - - - - - - - Office-Loesung.de
Nullen lassen sich auch anders ausblenden.
Nullwerte ausblenden
* In den Optionen: In Zellen mit Nullwert eine Null anzeigen deaktivieren.
* Mit einem benutzerdefinierten Zahlenformat: Standard;-Standard;.
* Mit einer bedingten Formatierung: Zellwert ist gleich 0 und Schriftfarbe auf den selben Farbwert wie die Hintergrundfarbe setzen. Einschränkung für das Drucken: Es funktioniert nur für die Farbe Weiss.
* Die Formel mit einer WENN()-Funktion klammern: =WENN(Formel=0;"";Formel).
3 days ago by eriwst
3 Handy Methods to Batch Add a Prefix to Multiple Cells in Excel Worksheet
If you would like to batch add a specific prefix to multiple cells, you can refer to this article. Here we will introduce you 3 easy methods. Each has its own pros and cons. You can choose one as per your needs.
"CONCATENATE"  Function  Add  Prefix  Batch  to  Multiple  Cells  Excel  VBA  worksheet  formula  repair 
3 days ago by DataNumen

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