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Hermeticism - Wikipedia
Purported progenitor of modern religions
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1 hour ago by csrollyson
YouTube -- Freedomain Radio: The 100 Year March: A Philosopher in Poland
'Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio – the largest philosophy show in the world – takes you on a fascinating journey deep into the real Poland. After decades of brutal oppression, Poland has emerged as a shining beacon for European freedoms and independence. Standing tall against the European Union, staunch in their Christian faith, united in their love of country and freedom, the Polish people just might save Europe once more, as they have many times in the past... Join Stefan Molyneux as he explores Poland – and unravels the complex interplay of history, oppression, faith and hope that has produced some of the strongest and most independent Europeans on the planet.'
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9 hours ago by adamcrowe
odoma | Projects
Artificial Intelligence consultancy for Cultural Heritage
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yesterday by kintopp
Full speech: Sir Ivan Rogers on Brexit - News - University of Liverpool
"The time to lose ourselves in stories has ended. Our politicians can no longer get away with strutting and fretting or with sound and fury. It’s time to wake up from the dream and face the facts."
brexit  politics  eu  uk  europe  europeanunion 
yesterday by Nachimir
James Angelos reviews ‘Adults in the Room’ by Yanis Varoufakis · LRB 27 September 2018
Populism, after all, as the political scientist Cas Mudde has put it, is ‘an illiberal democratic response to undemocratic liberalism’.
greece  europe  debt  finance  politics 
yesterday by soobrosa
The 10 best Inspirational quotes by EU founding fathers images on Pinterest | Inspirational Quotes, Founding fathers and Self
Inspirational quotes by EU founding fathers
Collection by European Parliament
Inspirational quotes by EU founding fathers
2 days ago by aleksi
Donald Trump is a Good President | Harper's Magazine
In all sincerity, I like Americans a lot; I’ve met many lovely people in the United States, and I empathize with the shame many Americans (and not only “New York intellectuals”) feel at having such an appalling clown for a leader.
europe  trump  culture 
2 days ago by since1968
Across the world Anglophilia is giving way to Anglobemusement
Then there is the eccentricity of so many of the players. Many foreign observers instinctively shared Walter Bagehot’s view that Britain was divided between an “efficient” branch, led by the government, and a “dignified” branch, represented by the monarch (even if in their view the operative “d” word was not “dignified” but “deranged”). Britain could afford to be such an endearingly odd place, with its bloated royal family and tub-thumping tabloids, because it had a genius for putting sensible people in charge of the things that mattered. Today the general view abroad is that this formula has malfunctioned. The circus acts and charlatans have taken over, in the form of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, and the sensible people have been locked up in the Tower of London.


The biggest worry is not that the world’s view of Britain is changing. It is that this darker view of Britain is more realistic than the previous one. The Brexit vote could almost have been designed to reveal long-festering problems with the country: an elite educational system that puts too much emphasis on confidence and bluff and not enough on expertise; a political system that selects its leaders from a self-involved Oxbridge clique; a London-focused society that habitually ignores the worries of the vast mass of British people; and a Conservative Party that promotes so many pompous mediocrities. The reason Brexit is doing so much damage is not just that it is a mistake. It is a reckoning.
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2 days ago by terry

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