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What does it take to make an institution more diverse? :: Nature (June 2018)
- beware of cultural and societal biases
- avoid intimidating "outstanding" & "excellent" in job adverts
- seek out to build a diverse network: your research group is your future recruiting agent
- make successful mentoring of a junior colleague (resulted in career progression) an important part of further promotion for a senior colleague
- training PGT/R students and PDRAs in leadership skills

Why is Russia so good at encouraging women into tech? :: BBC News (Apr 2017)
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8 days ago by chigle
What’s the matter with PGP? – A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
Last Thursday, Yahoo announced their plans to support end-to-end encryption using a fork of Google's end-to-end email extension. This is a Big Deal. With providers like Google and Yahoo onboard, email encryption is bound to get a big kick in the ass. This is something email badly needs. So great work by Google and Yahoo!…
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29 days ago by websitejk
How We Gather
Millennials are less religiously affiliated than ever before. Churches are just one of many institutional casualties of the internet age in which young people are both more globally connected and more locally
isolated than ever before. Against this bleak backdrop, a hopeful landscape is emerging. Millennials are flocking to a host of new organizations that deepen community in ways that are powerful, surprising, and perhaps even religious.

After two years of noticing this happen, we’re sharing o...
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4 weeks ago by xyai
How to Read Books
Read Less But Read It Twice

I read as much as before, to be sure, but fewer and better books, and each twice. I have become extremely selective. A book gets no more than ten minutes of my time before a verdict is reached – to read or not to read.
The key word here is immersion.
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5 weeks ago by orange
Avoid News - Towards a Healthy News Diet
This article is the antidote of news. It is long, and you probably won’t be able to skim it. Thanks to heavy news consumption, many people have lost the ability to read more than four pages straight. This article will show you how to get out of this trap – if you are not already too deep in the trap.
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5 weeks ago by orange

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