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Jeffrey Epstein Dodged Questions About Sex With His Dalton Prep-School Students
In 1974, Dalton was run by headmaster Donald Barr—father of Attorney General William Barr, whose Justice Department recently began a review of Epstein’s 2007 non-prosecution agreement for the Palm Beach child sexual assault charges. Writers have noted the interesting coincidence. However, Donald Barr resigned in turmoil in February of 1974 (according to the March 14, 1974 issue of The Daltonian) which was seven months before Jeffrey Epstein began teaching there that fall. While it is possible that Donald Barr may have hired Epstein, if he made personnel decisions long in advance, the Dalton School lost four math teachers (according to The Daltonian) prior to the 1974-75 school year. Therefore the school may have hired Epstein, in part, out of an urgent need to fill vacant positions—even though Epstein did not have a college degree.
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Feds Eye Suspicious Epstein Payments After Herald Exposé
The memo does not disclose the identities of the recipients, but prosecutors say one received $100,000 two days after the series of stories and the other collected $250,000 three days after that.
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Hedge-Funders Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Doing
“I’m hearing about the parties, hearing about a guy who’s throwing money around,” says Kass, president of Seabreeze Partners Management. While stories about young girls swarming Epstein’s waterfront mansion and the sex parties he hosted for the rich and powerful were the talk of the town, Kass was more focused on how this obscure person, rumored to be managing billions of dollars, had become so wealthy without much of a track record.

Kass was well-connected on Wall Street, where he’d worked for decades, so he began to ask around. “I went to my institutional brokers, to their trading desks and asked if they ever traded with him. I did it a few times until the date when he was arrested,” he recalls. “Not one institutional trading desk, primary or secondary, had ever traded with Epstein’s firm.”
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Inside the Victoria's Secret pipeline to Jeffrey Epstein
The woman with the short hair introduced Tai to Epstein, who was dressed casually in a shirt and jeans, she said. As Epstein started to ask her questions about her background, she noticed a massage table near his desk.

She said she didn’t think anything of it, and reached for her portfolio to show Epstein her previous modeling work in Italy. Tai had done a few modeling jobs in her native country, “but nothing big, nothing like I imagined I could do in America,” she told The Post.

As Tai talked about her experience in halting English, she said Epstein moved to the massage table and began to remove his clothes.
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Questions surround Wexner foundation funded by Epstein
During those nine months between the initial indictment and final deal, Epstein had time to put his financial house in order.

In December 2007, the YLK Charitable Fund was formed, with Mrs. Wexner as president, according to public tax records. The letters YLK are the initials of Mrs. Wexner’s late father, Yehuda L. Koppel.

A month later, in January 2008, Epstein donated $47 million to it through his private foundation, COUQ, and his company, Financial Trust Co. The donation was made up of mostly of shares of Apple along with other investments, tax records show.

In February 2008, a month after Epstein donated the money, Mr. Wexner announced that Dennis Hersch would replace Epstein as his business manager. Previously, Epstein had been Mr. Wexner’s personal investment manager and a trustee of two Wexner foundations.
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Vivian Lee, Epstein-Patterson-Clinton: The Art of the Book Deal - James Fetzer
Things started to slide in 2005, when the parent of a 14-year-old contacted the Palm Beach Police, saying she believed her stepdaughter had been molested by a wealthy man. The girl had shown up at school with $300 in her purse, and soon she was describing Epstein’s mansion at 358 El Brillo Way and the “massage” she had given him. Palm Beach detectives began to investigate and turned up more girls involved both as participants and solicitors. The girls were interviewed, and a search of the premises netted ”sex toys,” erotic art, and nude photos of underage victims, as well as secret cameras.

Police Chief Michael Reiter and Detectives Joseph Recarey and Michael Dawson began to build a case, culminating in Recarey’s probable-cause affidavit in 2006. This found sufficient cause to charge Epstein with four counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, as well as lewd and lascivious molestation, both second degree felonies. These would have put him behind bars for years if convicted. However, things changed when the case was handed off to Palm Beach state attorney Barry Krischer, who had a different plan for Epstein. Instead of having him arrested, he convened a grand jury.
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Epstein Arrest: Peak Swamp? - Gold Goats 'n Guns
William Barr may not be a Boy Scout or anything but even he, like Trump, has a disgust circuit. And that circuit has a threshold.

The level of corruption of the Departments of Justice, State, Treasury and the intelligence agencies needed to coordinate the RussiaGate hoax all to serve as Hillary’s revenge porn was too much for enough people.

And there are still plenty of people in all of those departments willing to step up now that the board state has changed.

Remember back when Trump said we should just leave Hillary be, she’s been through enough? That wasn’t him capitulating to the Deep State, that was him offering her a way out. He knew then what was going on but thought he was powerless to stop it, politically.

To go after her you go after the person who is her Achilles’ heel, Epstein through his association with Bill. Because what if this isn’t just about Bill’s antics?

But this is more than just Hillary and Bill.

This is likely far deeper a rabbit hole than anyone in D.C. wants to admit. Don’t think for a second that Epstein hasn’t been blackmailing very prominent people for years.

Because he has. And they are all now scared to death.
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Jeffrey Epstein Was a Sex Offender. The Powerful Welcomed Him Anyway. - The New York Times
The positive online notices appeared to have been paid for by Mr. Epstein: A writer employed by his foundation churned out the news releases, and Drew Hendricks, the supposed author of a Forbes story calling Mr. Epstein “one of the largest backers of cutting edge science,” conceded in an interview that he was given $600 to post the pre-written article under his own name. (Forbes removed the piece after The New York Times published its article.)
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Jeffrey Epstein: how US media – with one star exception – whitewashed the story | US news | The Guardian
Jeffrey Epstein
‘My journalism benefited from #MeToo’
That Acosta felt that he had to resign on Friday was an indication that the collective failure of US media to grapple with a story of serial sex trafficking and abuse that had been hiding in plain sight for years no longer holds true. In the wake of Brown’s exemplary reporting, the rest of the American media has fallen in line. Acosta paid the price.
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The Creepy Décor in Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC House
The home featured a “life-size female doll hanging from a chandelier.”
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Epstein Flight Logs: Who Flew on Jeffrey Epstein's Private Jet? - Bloomberg
The black book contains more than 1,000 names, ranging from close friends like Wexner to peripheral contacts from the worlds of politics, business, the media and European high society. The U.K.’s Prince Andrew and members of the Trump family make appearances. There’s even an entry for the main number to the White House.

The names include well known performers, including Ralph Fiennes, Alec Baldwin, David Blaine, Jimmy Buffett and Courtney Love; media figures including Charlie Rose, Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters; former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, former British prime minister Tony Blair, industrialist David Koch and the late Salomon Brothers chief executive officer John Gutfreund and his wife, Susan // Courtney Love?! Blair, though.
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