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The SR-71 Blackbird's Predecessor Created "Plasma Stealth" By Burning Cesium-Laced Fuel - The Drive
The A-12 – the predecessor to the U.S. Air Force's iconic SR-71 Blackbird – was extremely high- and fast-flying, but also incorporated then-state-of-the-art features to reduce its radar cross-section. These included a combination of a stealthy overall shape and radar-evading structures, as well as the use of composites in its construction and the application of radar absorbing materials to its skin. A far less known, but still a key component of the Skunk Works plan to make the A-12 ...
history  radar  engineering  flight  military 
18 minutes ago by geetarista
Would you rather be late — or wrong? A strategic case for Waterfall development
‘Waterfall’ methods of developing product get a bad rap — and for good reason. Building software is extremely expensive, and so building the wrong thing by not integrating user feedback, the major…
waterfall  agile  comparison  software  engineering 
2 hours ago by gilberto5757
How Digital Transformations Succeed | Toptal
via Pocket - How Digital Transformations Succeed New technologies shift consumer expectations, challenge norms, and put pressure on organizations to respond. The pace can be bewildering. For organizations—from grocery chains to advertising agencies—hoping to remain viable, the litmus test is adaptivity, agility, and innovation.
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5 hours ago by mannieschumpert
Zepel - The online project management tool for software teams
Hot new product on Product Hunt: Zepel — A full fledged JIRA alternative for product teams
Product  Hunt  Productivity  Task  Management  SaaS  Software  Engineering  Developer  Tools  Tech 
6 hours ago by Soc201
How we make pencils - YouTube
Producing 2.3 billion pencils a year and being in the business for over 257 years, Faber-Castell has a sound know-how of how quality pencils are made. Have a...
videos  writing  engineering  latered 
7 hours ago by lamnatos
Digital Banking Innovation in the 21st Century | Toptal
via Pocket - Digital Banking Innovation in the Age of Disruption New-age fintech challengers are chipping at “traditional banks” from all sides and slowly dismantling the protective walls built up by the incumbents over the past century.
IFTTT  Pocket  dev  toptal  engineering  blog 
8 hours ago by mannieschumpert
Level Up – A Guide to Game UI (with Infographic) | Toptal
via Pocket - Level Up – A Guide to Game UI (with Infographic) Sixty years ago the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY held an open house. Visitors who toured the lab were treated to an interactive exhibit, a game titled Tennis for Two. The setup was simple—a 5-inch analog display and two controllers, each with one knob and one button.
IFTTT  Pocket  dev  toptal  engineering  blog 
9 hours ago by mannieschumpert
The origin of complexity - ITNEXT
There are so many things to deal with, so many moving parts and things that can go wrong that it is easy to get lost. It’s not only about building the right thing, but also about building the thing…
programming  complexity  software  engineering  avoiding  advocacy 
yesterday by gilberto5757

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