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Food Court Proposal Gone Bad | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Food Court Proposal Gone Bad Guy gets rejected in mall. Really embarrassing! Update 5/24 Got a video response from some girls who spotted him at a coffee shop in LA. See the video response below. Update: Looks like someone found him in a local flea market here in LA. See the video response below. Food […]
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QUOTE : "Retailers must charge for what consumers value: their time"…
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3 days ago by bjp2aol
Away Message by Our State Magazine on Apple Podcasts
sure this is a naked ploy for but this week's podcast mentions the president who drained an ACTUAL swamp
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About — Shape My Town
Shape My Town is an online toolkit for anyone wishing to investigate the quality of their place, town, village or neighbourhood before investing time and money in improving it.

It is a ‘how to’ guide giving you the tools to explore your place, identify what makes it unique and to plan for its future.

Get together! Join with people in your community and set up a Town Team
Explore! Investigate the quality of your place, town, village or neighbourhood
Make your voice heard! A clear plan for your place will help you communicate and implement your vision. It will help you talk to your Council, Local Authority or a developer, and will be useful if you’re looking for funding.
Take a look at the Townloads; they’re free to download, so you can print them out or email them to fellow Town Team members.
Be inspired! Check out our case studies and blog to inspire you and your community to make a difference to your town.
Plus, there are lots of practical tips and links to get you connected and help you along the way.
Tell us what you’re up to. Let us know about any events or projects you are involved in. We’d love to hear from you.
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9 days ago by khudson
Employee Disengagement is a Disease Whitepaper
Chances are, your organization has been affected by the sweeping global epidemic of employee disengagement that's destroying productivity and morale everywhere. Download this free white paper to learn: 

Why employees are losing their motivation now, more than ever
Tips to ignite engagement and improve collaboration
How you can support contemporary work styles
10 days ago by jonmalesic
Before Your Product Launch, Try These 5 Strategies via
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10 days ago by mandigital
“Borrowed from Retail, Anthem’s Big Data Boost Member
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Why it's wrong to separate time and place when designing for and
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