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dy/dan » Blog Archive » Ten Design Principles For Engaging Math Tasks
Dan Meyer's 10+ design principles for engaging math tasks. Goes beyond just math for most of the principles.
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2 days ago by benwildeboer
Kesmit-ing: The Twitter Experiment - Bringing Twitter to the Classroom at UT Dallas
Profo uses twitter to help engage more students in class discussions. Shows some promise.
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2 days ago by benwildeboer
Student Engagement and Technology in the Classroom | TechTicker
Discusses how misuse of technology is a symptom of unengaging teaching practices. Includes video of Prof. Richard Buckland explaining how he harness technology to improve student engagement.
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2 days ago by benwildeboer
About - Crowd 360Crowd 360
The Crowd360 digital platform is an online engagement hub that serves as a conversation space, enabling anyone with access to the internet to access and share information regarding important evidence, scientific advances, and thought leadership presented at global health and international development conferences both in the United States and around the world.
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4 days ago by oheredia
Student Enthusiasm Falls as High School Graduation Nears | Gallup
"In fact, older students are engaged with school at much lower rates than younger students, according to the 2016 Gallup Student Poll survey of fifth- through 12th-grade students from about 3,000 schools that opted to participate in the survey.

Of students surveyed, fifth-graders are most engaged, and 11th-graders are least engaged. The low engagement for older students relative to younger students should concern leaders, as education scholars have found that engagement is linked to students' success in school.

Gallup defines the engagement of students as students' involvement and enthusiasm with school. About half of U.S. public school students surveyed (49%) are engaged with school. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of all surveyed fifth-grade students are engaged, and only about one-third of surveyed students in 10th, 11th and 12th grades are engaged.

The "School Engagement Cliff"

The "school engagement cliff" poses a challenge for school leaders, with the starkest engagement differences occurring during the middle school years. There is a 13-percentage-point difference in engagement between sixth and seventh grade and a nine-point difference between seventh and eighth grade, with engagement declining as grade level for students increases."
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5 days ago by robertogreco

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