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RT : . and I are organizing an preconference to bring together journalism researchers a…
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2 days ago by sdp
Publishers are waking up to the potential of Reddit for engagement | What’s New in Publishing | Digital Publishing News
Everyone from gaming specific channels to Instagram beauty vloggers maintain active subreddits that let them both source ideas for content and to deepen the relationship with people who typically actually consume their content elsewhere. 
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2 days ago by paulbradshaw
Hearst is building a 12-person research team to boost engagement - Digiday
We’ve started to devote more resources to both creating content opportunities that work well for our commerce partners as well as using content for a signal to understand some problems that our customers want to solve, and then finding the right partners to help them solve those problems,” said Guy Vidra, vp of national revenue at XO Group.
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4 days ago by paulbradshaw
62 Expert Share Insight on Boosting Employee Engagement
62 Expert Share Insight on Boosting Employee Engagement Thanks to @Hubstaff for asking me t…
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6 days ago by tubblog
Audience Engagement in a Post-Truth Age: What it means and how to learn the activities connected with it: Digital Journalism: Vol 6, No 8
In any discussion about a “post-truth age,” the audience is both part of the problem and part of the solution. The authority of journalism is called into question if everyone can participate in generating and spreading verified and unverified, relevant and irrelevant “news.” At the same time, journalism can integrate the audience into the editorial process and dialogue in an unprecedented variety of ways, thereby disclosing the way journalism works and raising awareness for the difference between journalism and any form of mis- and disinformation. Thus “Audience Engagement” is becoming a key factor for journalism in a post-truth era. This article analyses dimensions of audience engagement in a holistic sense. Key findings were gathered through interviews with practitioners within the innovative training format “Learning Lab Audience Engagement.” Factors for a successful audience engagement comprise a paradigm shift away from a “lecturing” towards a “dialogue” approach. This approach changes not only journalism, media and newsroom cultures: Educational institutions have to change their attitude accordingly. The experience of the participants suggests that a broad understanding of media and training organisations alike as “engaging organisations” brings with it several challenges and limitations but can help to raise trust.
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9 days ago by paulbradshaw
A self-driving car has a choice about who dies in a fatal crash. Here are the ethical considerations | World Economic Forum
A new study from MIT Researchers posed moral questions to the public to understand the ethical choices self-driving cars might have to make.
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13 days ago by jackhardinges
Practicing Engagement: Participatory journalism in the Web 2.0 era: Journalism Practice: Vol 12, No 10
In recent years, the rapid expansion of Web 2.0 tools has opened new possibilities for audience participation in news, while “engagement” has become a media industry buzzword. In this study, we explore approaches to engagement emerging in the field based on in-depth interviews with editors at a range of news outlets from several countries, and we map these approaches onto the literature on participatory journalism and related innovations in journalism practice. Our findings suggest variation in approaches to engagement that can be arrayed along several related dimensions, encompassing how news outlets measure and practice it (e.g. with the use of quantitative audience metrics methods), whether they think about audiences as more passive or more active users, the stages at which they incorporate audience data or input into the news product, and how skeptically or optimistically they view the audience. Overall, while some outlets are experimenting with tools for more substantive audience contributions to news content, we find few outlets approaching engagement as a way to involve users in the creation of news, with most in our sample focusing mostly on engaging users in back-end reaction and response to the outlet’s content. We identify technological, economic, professional, and organizational factors that shape and constrain how news outlets practice “engagement.”
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13 days ago by paulbradshaw
Engagement und Ehrenamt – Links | startsocial
Überblick Ehrenamtliche Arbeit in Deutschland, inkl. Stiftungen, youvo (Design), betterplace, etc.
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15 days ago by hirnsieb

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