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Service für Entwicklungsinitiativen - Engagement Global
Engagement Global ist die Ansprechpartnerin in Deutschland für bürgerschaftliches und kommunales Engagement in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit.
engagement  einewelt 
9 hours ago by tbweb
Das Siegel für fairen Handel | Fairtrade - Deutschland
Herzlich Willkommen bei Fairtrade! Erfahren Sie wie der faire Handel funktioniert, wer davon profitiert, wo Sie Produkte erhalten und wie selbst mitmachen können.
engagement  fair 
12 hours ago by tbweb
Kindernothilfe. Gemeinsam wirken. - Kindernothilfe
Seit über 50 Jahren helfen wir Kindern in Not und setzen uns für ihre Rechte ein. Für ein Leben in Würde – ohne Armut, Missbrauch und Gewalt.
engagement  duisburg 
12 hours ago by tbweb
Sad by design | Eurozine
Sadness expresses the growing gap between the self-image of a perceived social status and the actual precarious reality. The temporary dip, described here under the code name ‘sadness’, can best be understood as a mirror phenomenon of the self-promotion machine that constructs the links for us. The mental state is so pervasive, the merging of social media with the self so totalizing, that we see the sadness complex as a manifestation of an ‘anti-self’ stage that we slip into and then walk away from. The anti-climax called sadness travels with the smart phone, it’s everywhere.
socialMedia  mentalHealth  identity  emotion  sadness  melancholy  design  anxiety  compulsion  engagement  manipulation 
6 days ago by petej
Twitter Marketing Automation - Narrow
Narrow is a Twitter marketing automation tool that helps you build a targeted following.
mediashift  twitter  content  automatic  interaction  engagement 
9 days ago by kpieper876
CMS WiRE – Why Nano-Influencers Are A Social Media Marketers Secret Weapon
A recent article by CMS WiRE, looked to research by Brian Solis, to help explain why “Nano Influencers” with highly focused followings of 1,000 – 5,000, are becoming more important to brands in order to achieve more engagement of highly targeted audiences.
brand  engagement  marketing  brian+solis  influencers  instagram  nano  Social  Media  twitter  brian  solis 
9 days ago by briansolis
Making Strangers Less Strange
Center for Media Engagement report on 25 projects
engagement  polarization  Agora 
10 days ago by reginalawrence

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