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Eisenhower Presidential Library: Atoms for Peace
President Dwight D. Eisenhower was determined to solve “the fearful atomic dilemma” by finding some way by which “the miraculous inventiveness of man” would not be dedicated to his death, but consecrated to his life. In his Atoms for Peace speech before the United Nations General Assembly on December 8, 1953, President Eisenhower sought to solve this terrible problem by suggesting a means to transform the atom from a scourge into a benefit for mankind. Although not as well known as his warning about the “military industrial complex,” voiced later in his farewell radio and television address to the American people, President Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace speech embodied his most important nuclear initiative as President. From it sprang a panoply of peaceful atomic programs. With it President Eisenhower placed the debate over the control of nuclear science and technology, which had largely been the province of government officials and contractors, squarely before the public. Indeed, the present public controversy over nuclear technology and its role in American society can be traced back to President Eisenhower’s determination that control of nuclear science was an issue for all Americans.
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Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
Photographer: Aaron M. Sprecher/Bloomberg General Electric Co.’s plan to unravel its Baker Hughes stake smacks of desperation. via Pocket
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Serhii Plokhy: 'Chernobyl exposed Soviet secrecy' | Books | The Guardian
Plokhy also blames the Soviet system itself for corrupting science and cutting corners. “There was little regard for safety,” he says. “The attitude came from the race for the atomic bomb; the sacrifice of health and life was almost expected. That culture was transferred to the nuclear power establishment.”
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Is Smoked Salmon Healthy?
Mark examines several fringe foods & drinks for their applicability to neo paleo lifestyles
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4 Energy Tips for Your Commercial Space this Winter
As you heat your commercial space this winter, consider these four easy tips for avoiding steep energy bills and keeping your office energy efficient this year.
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