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Missive | The one app for team email and team chat
Email, group chat and tasks for productive teams. One app for all your internal and external communication. Work management at its best. Try it free!
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yesterday by zchi
Pence's email controversy is everything his critics could've hoped for | MSNBC
Mike Pence's story is, to a very real extent, worse than Hillary Clinton. It's not just the hypocrisy; it's also the fact that his system was compromised.
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2 days ago by daniel.zappala
How to Quickly Create a Contact Group from a Specific Type of Recipients in Multiple Outlook Emails
At times, you may want to quickly extract a specific type of recipients in many mails and then create a contact group from them. You can choose to manually get it. But, in comparison with the method shared in this article, it is too tedious.
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2 days ago by DataNumen

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