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Identify and report phishing emails and other suspicious messages - Apple Support
Scammers use phishing and other types of social engineering to try to trick you into sharing personal information—such as your Apple ID password or credit card information. It can happen by email, phone, text message, or even through pop-up notifications when you’re browsing the web.
If you believe that your Apple ID has been compromised, please visit your Apple ID account page to change or reset your password immediately. If you need more help, contact Apple.
apple  security  email  scams  phishing 
yesterday by bobembry
problems with alerts | FreeNAS Community
The alerts GUI is going a bit nuts for me.  I tried to create an alerts filter using the 'class' predicate, but I can only configure 2 predicates where I used to be able to use as many as I wanted.  This is ok, I guess, so I created a bunch of individual filters for all the classes that I want.  Now, I seem to get an email for each of those filters every time I login/out despite none of them using the 'user login' or 'user logout' class.  Doing a show in the console fails with 'Predicate error'.  Even after deleting all of them, I continue to get a login/logout email every few minutes.  I've verified all the alerts are dismissed via the CLI as well.  

I would try to create the filters via the CLI, but the documentation doesn't list include a list of valid predicates and it's a bit too much of a pain for me to go back and forth between the GUI and CLI to get a list of the class predicates that are available.
FreeNAS  FreeNAS10  bugs  email  alerts 
yesterday by coffeebucket
Have I been pwned? Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach
Have I been pwned? allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email addresses has been compromised.
email  security  data  identity  via:pgorrindo 
yesterday by zheard
How to set up an iCloud email alias | iMore
How do I set up an iCloud email alias? Using your web browser!
An iCloud email alias allows you to give out your iCloud email address without divulging your true email address. That way you can kill an alias if you don't like the content you're receiving. You can create an iCloud email address on your iPhone or iPad, but you can't create an alias. For that, you'll have to use Here's how.
icloud  email 
yesterday by rgl7194
Unicode domains are bad, and you should feel bad for supporting them • VGRsec
Valentine Reid:
<p>I'm going to begin by caveating my opening statement by saying unicode domains improve accessibility to the internet, and that's a good thing, just unicode is so broad, there are many opportunities for lookalike domain spoofing, and that's bad.

I discovered during a discussion with @jaredhaight that unicode domains were a thing. We immediately joked about how bad this was, so I went about registering some test domains and ran some test cases to determine how well they were supported across various ecosystems. The following is an exploration of unicode domain names and how they're interpreted across various platforms as of Feb 2017.</p>

Guess what? He registered (with a weird "m"). Google rejected his emails, but other mail organisations didn't. Dangerous.
google  email  unicode 
yesterday by charlesarthur

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