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Various Python Scripts
Python scripts to help admin Mailman.
mailman  email 
5 hours ago by ahall
Litmus PutsMail - email tester
Test in real time your HTML emails for campaigns, newsletters and others before sending them.
email  testing  design  html 
7 hours ago by andyford
The 5 Best Email Signature Generators to Make Your Mails Pop
The 5 Best Email Signature Generators to Make Your Mails Pop by Mihir Patkar via MakeUseOf
email  tips  signatures  IFTTT 
8 hours ago by pmdpmd
Email This
Save web pages to your email and read it later
app  email  pocket  reading  tools 
10 hours ago by mgdf
Drive Performance: Eliminating Email Overload
Summary: In a span of just 3 decades, email has fallen from its lofty position as the most irreplaceable, efficient, enterprise-wide internal communication tool, leaving most organizations desperate for eliminating email overload.
digitalworkplace  email  intranet 
16 hours ago by fwhamm
Can this network of lit-to-be-local newsletters unlock younger civic engagement? » Nieman Journalism Lab
. 6AM is a network of six sites structured around daily newsletters and Instagram Stories of what are the cool kids in town up to, with a civic engagement flair. But instead of using venture funding or starting from scratch, 6AM is a spinoff of (gasp) a legacy print company: Community Journals Publishing Group, a small chain of business journals and magazines based in Greenville, South Carolina.
email  newsletters  hyperlocal  t  youth 
yesterday by paulbradshaw

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