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FSR tutorial | Open Music Labs
wait is this featuring a pic of the gamelan andrew boch made??
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yesterday by akamediasystem
The Amazing $1 Microcontroller - Jay Carlson
A new series that explores 21 different microcontrollers — all less than $1 — to help familiarize you with all the major ecosystems out there.
electronics  embedded  hardware 
yesterday by ssorc
Interesting, but as one commenter aptly put it, it's Black Pepper...
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yesterday by asteroza
Hackaday Explains: Li-Fi & Visible Light Communications | Hackaday
A new way to transmit data is coming that could radically change the way that devices talk to each other: LiFi. Short for Light Fidelity, LiFi uses visible light to send data, creating the link between router and device with invisible pulses of light. This type of Visible Light Communication (VLC) uses something that is present in pretty much every room: an LED lightbulb.
network  electronics 
2 days ago by ssorc
scanlime/fadecandy: Easy to use open source hardware to drive WS2811 LEDs with high-quality color
This project is a collection of reusable pieces you can take or leave. The overall goal of making LED art easier, tastier, and more creative is a broad one. To keep this project manageable to start with, there are some rough limitations on what's supported:

LED strips, grids, and other modules based on the WS2811 or WS2812 chip.
Common and inexpensive, available from many suppliers for around $0.25 per pixel.
Something with a USB host port that can run your art.
Laptops ...
arduino  led  ws2812  ws2811  electronics  opensource 
3 days ago by raphman
Tools to load/edit/create/panelizer sets of gerber files
gerber  pcb  panel  electronics 
3 days ago by ayavilevich

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