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Reuse Store | LES Ecology Center
its an ewaste recycling place that also has a store, and they have lots of old computers and tvs
videosynthesis  electronics  store 
2 days ago by joem
low.js / the Node.JS port for embedded devices
A version of Node for low-power, low-memory devices, like the cheap ESP32 microcontroller.
electronics  iot  javascript  node.js 
2 days ago by jalderman
Circuit Design App for Makers- circuito.io
Seamless circuit design for your project. circuito.io is an online tool for designing electronic circuits. Select your component combination and instantly get a detailed list of parts, a step-by-step wiring guide and custom test code for your circuit.
easy  circuit  builder  electronics  code 
3 days ago by arnoldn
IP Ratings And Custom Aluminum Cases For Electronics
How can you make sure that the custom aluminum cases and protective elements you select will meet your needs?
custom-aluminum-cases  electronics  IP-ratings 
3 days ago by Adventure_Web
IBM Announces STT-MRAM-equipped Flash Memory Module | NIKKEI XTECH
19.2TB of MRAM in a NVMe U.2 SSD form factor (though using an FPGA for the controller still)
STT-MRAM  MRAM  SSD  NVMe  U.2  storage  hardware  electronics  devices  IBM 
4 days ago by asteroza
Circuit Design App for Makers- circuito.io
DESIGN YOUR CIRCUIT WITH CIRCUITO.IO: Instantly get a detailed Bill of Materials, wiring guide and test code for your electronic circuit and bring your project to life.
app  circuit  electronics  design  online  reference  circuit.io  prototyping 
4 days ago by cyberchucktx

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