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The European Parliament election and Brexit delay - not a major headache - Jon Worth Euroblog
RT @jonworth: On the EP elections, #Article50 delay and #Brexit, this explains how it works:

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2 days ago by pozorvlak
Kirsten Gillibrand Unveils Her Ambitious Plan to Turn the Post Office Into a Bank
From July 30, 2018
"While the idea of postal banking has been backed by progressives like Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont—both likely presidential candidates—Gillibrand’s bill gives an important policy objective a high-profile, useful boost.

...Gillibrand’s bill would allow the postal service to also make small loans at low interest rates and would almost certainly compete payday lenders out of business.

...[W]hile Gillibrand’s lending proposal may not be entirely realistic in its current form, it is a powerful statement of intent. “They see this as a shot across the bow,” University of Georgia Law Professor Mehrsa Baradaran, who helped advise on the bill, told me. “What Gillibrand wants most is to undercut payday lenders.”

That will be a much harder battle to win than simply giving more American access to free checking. The payday lending industry is a powerful lobbying force in Washington that has been able to rally support from some Democrats in the past, and the party’s moderates may be disinclined to simply drive the industry out of business."

MoJo on same topic: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2018/08/kirsten-gillibrand-has-an-ambitious-plan-to-take-on-payday-lenders-the-post-office/
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3 days ago by ribbonknight
Israel Will Be The Great Foreign Policy Debate Of The Democratic Primary
"[A]fter 50 years, support for Israel is no longer a bipartisan cause — a dramatic change that will be felt in the wide-open Democratic presidential primary. The young progressives who have ascended to power within the Democratic Party over the last few years want to force what were once fringe views into the mainstream, and significantly change US policy toward Israel.

...Much of the debate will center on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, or BDS.

...The Democratic Party’s progressive wing has long pushed for more criticism of Israel policy. Young people and people of color in particular feel a sense of solidarity with Palestinians, and argue that the progressive movement, if it is to be intersectional, must include Palestinian rights.

...The question now is what that will mean for the candidates hoping to seal the Democratic nomination. The questions regarding Israel won’t change: Do you believe that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? Should the US Embassy be in Jerusalem? Should the United States provide aid to Israel? Does the United States support Israel’s right to defend itself?

...But thus far, prospective candidates have only been forced to engage with BDS in the form of a bill in Congress, reintroduced this year by Senate Republicans, that would penalize companies and organizations that engage in BDS. The bill would allow local and state governments to require businesses contracting with them not to participate in boycotts of Israel."

Details past positions of Biden, O'Rourke, Warren, Sanders, Harris, & Gillibrand.
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3 days ago by ribbonknight
Congo voting data reveal huge fraud in poll to replace Kabila
FT analysis of two voting databases shows Martin Fayulu won the presidential election
(no paywall)
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3 days ago by osi_info_program
Kirsten Gillibrand’s 2020 policy agenda: Universal paid family leave, publicly funded elections, improving gender and racial equality
Here’s a look at some of the policies Gillibrand has backed, as well as those she hopes can power her to the White House.
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4 days ago by ribbonknight
From Boko to Biafra: How insecurity will affect Nigeria’s elections | Idayat Hassan | African Arguments
On 16 February 2019, up to 84 million go to the polls in Nigeria to vote for their president and members of the National Assembly. Two weeks later, on 2 March, they will go out again to vote for governors and members of state houses. ..Below is an analysis of the main security threats facing Nigeria and how they could affect the running and outcome of the elections.

Boko Haram

Herder-farmer conflict

Armed banditry

Biafra separatists

Political thugs and cultists

Partisanship among the security forces
The partisanship of security agencies is the most potent of all the threats to the 2019 general elections.
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4 days ago by AfroMaestro
Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend
Jacobin magazine. Highlights personal conservatism about abortion and gays, willingness to use drones and special forces against terrorists around the world, and worldview that sees radical islam as the fundamental driver of conflict in much of the world. No mention of wories about nuclear weapons
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6 days ago by garrettmd

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