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Pullman's plea to save school libraries - BBC News
Children's authors such as Philip Pullman and Malorie Blackman are calling for a halt to the "shocking decline" in England's school libraries.
They, along with 148 others, wrote to Education Secretary Justine Greening, asking her to signal her belief in the "value of literacy" for learning. [...] The letter highlights how England has lower rates of teenage literacy than other developed nations, according to international rankings.
UK  Austerity  libraries  library  education  policy  further  college  skills  gap  Gesellschaft  Society  Enlightenment  Precariat  class  numeracy  STEM  MINT  Maths  literacy  history 
14 hours ago by asterisk2a
The Men Taking Classes to Unlearn Toxic Masculinity
He argues that the concept of “toxic masculinity” has four main components: suppression of anything stereotypically feminine; suppression of emotions related to vulnerability, like fear, sadness, or helplessness; male domination over women and other men; and aggression.
culture  gender  masculinity  education 
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Programing Hub
Programming Hub || Your personal programming companion || || Android, Productivity, Education, Software Engineering, Developer Tools, Tech
ProductHunt  Android  Productivity  Education  Software  Engineering  Developer  Tools  Tech 
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Paper Circuits Book and Kit - Great Makerspace STEM /STEAM Projects
Paper Circuits Book & Kit - Learn about electricity while creating interactive circuits in your makerspace. LEDs, copper tape, coin cell batteries, PDF
papercircuit  electronics  education  instructions  tutorials 
17 hours ago by adamcohenrose
Activity: The Rise and Set Times of the Moon
A project in which students explore the motion and phases of the moon. Motion is explored from the perspective of an earth-bound viewer and from outside the earth-moon system. Phases are to be explained using relative geometry. Both classroom investigation and computer-aided investigation will be employed.
education  astronomy  earth  moon 
21 hours ago by gregornemec

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