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Fighting words: The risks of loose talk about a “European army”
As @ECFR's Nick Witney points out, it ain't gonna happen, and it's actually counterproductive to talk about it.
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In Britain’s boardrooms, Brexit is already here. And the warning is stark | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
For Westminster, leaving Europe is months away: for businesses making plans, it’s the present, says Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty
19 hours ago by tonys
Revealed: one in four Europeans vote populist | World news | The Guardian
Exclusive research shows how populists tripled their vote over the past two decades
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How many letters are there in ERG? Not 48, that's for sure | Politics | The Guardian
Even Labour organises better coups than Jacob Rees-Mogg’s European Research Group
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Don’t blame the Irish: the Brexit chaos is all about England | Fintan O’Toole | Opinion | The Guardian
It is a new thing: the first time in 800 years of Anglo-Irish relations that Ireland has had more clout. No wonder the Brexiters and the British government found it impossible for so long to even recognise this new reality. They operated – and some of them continue to operate – under the old rules, in which the game would be settled between the big powers, and the interests of a small country such as Ireland could be easily shoved aside. The Irish would get a few platitudes about peace but the real deal would be done between London and Berlin...
Yet it has not been like that. In part, this is because of simple arithmetic: Ireland is not isolated, it is part of a bloc of 27 states. There is a basic lesson here for the Brexiters: even a very small country inside the EU has more influence than a much larger country on the outside. In part, too, it is because of basic statecraft. The Irish government and diplomatic service, backed by a near-unanimous consensus in the Dublin parliament, had a very clear sense of where Ireland’s vital national interest lay, and hence of what they needed to achieve.
ireland  eu  uk  politics  Brexit 
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For hard-right revolutionaries, Brexit is cover for a different end | Polly Toynbee | Opinion | The Guardian
A group of Tory extremists would welcome the havoc of ‘no deal’, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee
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I love life – and girls – too much to act my age | The Spectator
don’t let the Macrons, Junckers and Merkels of this world tell us they know best. They don’t, but the Hungarians, the Poles and the Italians do. Sure, the unelected ones will call them fascist, just as they will say that Brexit was not democratic.
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Brexit: court rejects attempt to derail legal action to revoke article 50 | Politics | The Guardian
Government challenge against European court of justice referral dismissed by supreme court
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