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EU paid for a report that concluded piracy isn’t harmful — and tried to hide the findings
Back in 2014, the European Commission paid the Dutch consulting firm Ecorys 360,000 euros (about $428,000) to research the effect piracy had on sales of copyrighted content. The final report was finished in May 2015, but for some reason it was never published– according to Julia Reda’s blog, the only Pirate in the EU Parliament.
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22 hours ago by mikael
The EU Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive
considered small and micro businesses. (Companies employing fewer than 50 people whose annual turnover and/or balance sheet total is less than €10 million)
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yesterday by mysty
Brexit is Britain’s gift to the world
‘The UK is now experimenting on itself for the benefit of humanity’
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2 days ago by iaeon
Wahlkampf ǀ Happy Germany — der Freitag
Es ist normal, dass sich nationale Wahlen auf nationale Themen konzentrieren. Nicht so für Deutschland. Dessen Rolle in Europa ist derart zentral, dass es sich selbst gegenüber die Pflicht hat, öffentlich darüber nachzudenken und Vorschläge für die Zukunft der EU zu formulieren. via Pocket
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2 days ago by schmitz

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