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I really love the progress the community is making on diversity and inclusion work. Always more to do! So h…
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2 days ago by eaton
Hyperproductive development – Jessitron

Let’s talk about why some developers, in some situations, are ten times more productive than others.

hint: it isn’t the developers, so much as the situation.

When do we get that exhilarating feeling of hyperproductivity, when new features flow out of our fingertips? It happens when we know our tools like the back of our hands, and more crucially, when we know the systems we are changing. Know them intimately, like I know the contents of my backpack, when I packed it and I tuned the items in each pouch over years of travel. Know the contents of every module, both what they are and what we’d like them to be if we ever finish that refactoring. Know the edges, who uses every API and which changes will break whom, and we’re friends with all of the stakeholders. Know the underpinnings, which database fields are indexed and which are obsolete and which have quirky special values. Know the infrastructure, where it runs in production and how to ssh in; where it runs in test and what version is deployed and when it is safe to push a new one. Know the output, what looks normal in the logs and what’s a clue. We have scripts, one-liners that tail the logs in all three prod instances to our terminals so our magic eyes can spot the anomaly.

We know it because we wrote it, typically. It is extremely difficult to establish this level of intimacy with an existing system. Braitenberg calls this the Law of Downhill Invention, Uphill Analysis. Complex systems are easier to build than to figure out after they’re working.
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