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How Did ‘Witch Hunt’ Become the Complaint of the Powerful? - The New York Times
“Witch hunt” seemed like a particularly Trumpish complaint — an unshakable belief in his own persecution leading him to compare his own experiences to vastly worse ones — and indeed, it was the fifth time since January that he had denounced one “witch hunt” or another on Twitter. But an obsession with the witch hunt long precedes him in American politics: In the last century, a parade of disgraced presidents and other public figures (almost all of them men) have also chosen to don this particular black mantle of victimhood. “Witch hunt” once meant persecution of the marginalized by the powerful. So how did it come to suggest something so nearly the opposite?
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4 days ago by brendanmcfadden
Impeaching Trump is a Heavy Lift - Lawfare
Important article by @jon_rauch on how hard it will be to impeach Trump, who has made GOP complicit in his offenses.
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5 days ago by charlesgres

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