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Japan’s interpreters struggle to make sense of 'Trumpese' | The Japan Times
Translating Trump is hard. Also controversial: translate as said and make him sound stupid and disjointed, or "clean it up"?
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2 days ago by mcherm
Donald Trump Wows At First Solo Stress Conference - YouTube
Trump's Press Conference, Monopoly Drops Thimble Token - Monologue - //&! Trump's First Solo Press Conference as President: A Closer Look - //&! President Trump's Bats**t Press Conference: The Daily Show - //&! U.S. Diplomacy with Israel, Donald Trump-Style: The Daily Show - //&! Breaking Down President Trump's Bizarre Press Conference - //&! Trump Press Conference Cold Open - //&! The Gist of Donald Trump's Press Conference - //&!
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President Trump press conference February 16, 2017 - Wikisource, the free online library
Full transcript of Donald Trump's press conference yesrerday, 16 February 2017. *weeps*
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3 days ago by pigsonthewing

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