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Trump-Style Tactics Finally Stopped Working For Uber
"At the dinner, Emil Michael, the right hand of CEO Travis Kalanick, heatedly complained to me about the press. The company, he told me, could hire a team of opposition researchers to fight fire with fire and attack the media — specifically to smear a female journalist who has criticized the company. I suggested to him that this plan wouldn’t really work because the story would immediately become a story about Uber behaving like maniacs. 'Nobody would know it was us,' Michael responded. 'But you just told me!' I replied."
a:Ben-Smith  p:BuzzFeed★★  d:2017.06.11  w:1000  Uber  media  Donald-Trump  from instapaper
9 days ago by bankbryan
James Comey, is this man bothering you?
"Comey: so for instance I thought of a good one the other day
if I try to hide in the curtains
Sessions: what
Comey: like physically camouflage myself in the curtains
Sessions: I don’t understand
like Scarlett O’Hara?
Comey: is this a Southern reference
Sessions: is my name Jefferson Beauregard Sessions"
a:Alexandra-Petri  p:The-Washington-Post/ComPost  d:2017.06.07  w:1000  satire  Donald-Trump  gender  from iphone
17 days ago by bankbryan
Trump’s Incompetence Won’t Save Our Democracy - The New York Times
But a careful reading of contemporary accounts will show that both Hitler and Stalin struck many of their countrymen as men of limited ability, education and imagination — and, indeed, as being incompetent in government and military leadership. Contrary to popular wisdom, they are not political savants, possessed of one extraordinary talent that brings them to power. It is the blunt instrument of reassuring ignorance that propels their rise in a frighteningly complex world.
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20 days ago by JorgeAranda
"Covfefe" tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump -
What it should prove is that Trump is neither willing nor able to change his stripes. He is a 70-year-old man (he will be 71 on June 14) who has had much success in his life. And he believes that the way in which he was elected president -- against all odds and doing everything traditional politics says not to -- is an affirmation that he is the only person who really understands his supporters and the mood of the country.

That assumption is what leads him to ignore advice from advisers about, maybe just maybe, putting down his phone at, say, 10 p.m. -- or never picking it up at all. Trump believes in Trump -- first, last and always.

Staff will come and go. But to expect anyone to change Trump in any way is to ignore, literally, his entire adult life.
Which means more "covfefes." Maybe many more.
23 days ago by lwhlihu
‘Washington Post’ Reporter Frustrated Every Space In Parking Garage Taken Up By Anonymous Source
"'Seriously, I have to start scheduling these rendezvous earlier, because as soon as dusk settles in, you can forget it.' At press time, Rucker was idling his car near the space occupied by a New York Times reporter who had just received a thumb drive and appeared to be wrapping things up."
p:The-Onion★★  d:2017.05.30  satire  media  Donald-Trump  journalism  from twitter
25 days ago by bankbryan
NSA in Unprecedented Hunt for KremlinGate Evidence
America’s most important spy agency pulls out all the stops in its investigation of Russian interference in 2016.
nsa  donald-trump  russia  jared-kushner 
27 days ago by sfriedenberg

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