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Trump Attacks Merck Chief Kenneth Frazier for Quitting Advisory Panel
Merck’s chief executive, Kenneth C. Frazier, quit the panel on Monday over Mr. Trump’s statement blaming violence in Charlottesville, Va., on “all sides.”
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5 days ago by sfriedenberg
The clear subtext of Tuesday’s performance was to drive home the message that, at some level, the left protesters in Charlottesville deserved what they got. Why on earth would our president otherwise go out of his way to insist that the victims of a violent terrorist assault share a “semblance of guilt” and “have [a] problem”?
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5 days ago by inonaz
Bannon in Limbo as Trump Faces Growing Calls for the Strategist’s Ouster
The president’s delay in denouncing neo-Nazis in Charlottesville has put new pressure on Stephen K. Bannon, who ran the Breitbart website.
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7 days ago by sfriedenberg
China’s “Double-Freeze” Con
Indeed, offering this solution was, in all likelihood, largely a tactical decision. As the Kim regime’s principal patron, China is viewed as the key to containing Kim’s nuclear ambitions. But China is reluctant to squeeze North Korea, because it fears that doing so could lead to the collapse of the Kim regime, and the loss of its strategic buffer against the US.

Against this backdrop, the double-freeze proposal was not intended to actually resolve the crisis; after all, China probably expected the US to reject it. Rather, China wanted to shift the international community’s attention away from its own potential leverage over the Kim regime, and toward the Trump administration’s erratic and worrying policy approach. By raising the double-freeze solution, China put the ball in America’s court, and placed the onus for resolving the crisis squarely on Trump’s shoulders.
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8 days ago by inonaz
The Land of the Large Adult Son
"Once you’re made aware of the preponderance of large adult sons in our culture, you will start seeing large adult sons everywhere. Like all the best memes, it is essentially good-natured: 'large' is a proud but gentle word, used in this context the way a gardener might talk about a beautiful butternut squash. The meme is also highly flexible, as Barry Petchesky, the deputy editor of Deadspin, pointed out to me over e-mail: 'Literally every man in America is someone’s large adult son.' Sports media, in particular, has adapted it as a term for what Tom Ley, the managing editor of Deadspin, calls 'big lovable galoots'. In April, SB Nation ran a piece unpacking 'the myth of Aaron Judge, our large adult baseball son'. Sports Illustrated responded, arguing that the Cubs leftfielder Kyle Schwarber was the true large adult son of the M.L.B. ('How can anyone be said to match Schwarber in terms of being a big beefy boy?' Jon Tayler asked.)"
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15 days ago by bankbryan
Marlon James - DL Hughley getting downright biblical to explain to...
DL Hughley getting downright biblical to explain to liberals, center lefters, and columnists at the New York Times, Atlantic, New Republic and wherever old white liberals still write, why trying to reach Trump supporters are a fucking waste of fucking time. Now get a grip, and let not's bring up this ridiculously shitty argument ever again.
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19 days ago by yolandaenoch
Dwayne Johnson for President!
"Johnson's in Los Angeles now to film HBO's Ballers, but he's got gyms wherever he goes. He's building one at his farm in Virginia, where he keeps his horses (and also, he says, a piano once owned by Benjamin Franklin; it came with the farm), and he has a workout facility at his primary residence in Florida, where he lives on a compound on the edge of the Everglades, in a tiny rural town popular among professional athletes who yearn for country living within an hour's drive of Miami. As he crisscrosses the country for work, he's constantly scouting new spots. If he has to go to New York for a night, he will find a gym there, and it will be in a dank, subterranean room, probably off an alley that only Johnson can find. If you have a basement, he might be in your house right now, doing leg presses and staying hydrated. 'Found an incredible little out-of-the-way spot', he might write on Instagram, under a photo of himself lifting your washing machine."
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20 days ago by bankbryan

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