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Opinion | Mueller Has a Way Around Trump and His Minions - The New York Times
A road map from the Watergate prosecution shows a potential route for the special counsel to send incriminating evidence directly to Congress.
In a stunning move on the heels of the midterm election, President Trump has forced the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointed an outspoken critic of the Mueller investigation — Matthew Whitaker — as acting attorney general, shunting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to the sidelines. This raises the specter of a fearful president attempting to muzzle Special Counsel Robert Mueller or hinder him from revealing whether his 18-month-long grand jury investigation has turned up evidence of criminality implicating Donald Trump or his immediate family.
But a 44-year-old “road map” from the Watergate prosecution shows a potential route for Mr. Mueller to send incriminating evidence directly to Congress. The road map was devised in 1974 by the Watergate special prosecutor, Leon Jaworski, with our assistance. We wrote the road map — actually a report — to be conveyed to Congress; it was called “Report and Recommendation” and served as a guide to a collection of grand jury evidence contained in a single document. That evidence included still-secret presidential tape recordings that had been acquired through grand jury subpoena — but which had been withheld from Congress by President Nixon.
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10 Reasons Whitaker Might Not Foil Mueller - The Atlantic
The prospects for interference are dimmer than many imagine.
At the end of last month, with the midterms looming, I gave a talk before a small private audience in California in which I argued for optimism because—among other things—the moment for firing Robert Mueller had passed.
Eighteen months ago, I said, President Donald Trump had an opportunity to disrupt the Russia investigation: He had fired the FBI director and had rocked the Justice Department back on its heels. But Trump had dithered. He had broadcast his intentions too many times. And in the meantime, Mueller had moved decisively, securing important indictments and convictions, and making whatever preparations were necessary for hostile fire. And now Democrats were poised to take the House of Representatives. The window of opportunity was gone.
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Mueller is Holding ‘Dozens of Sealed Indictments,’ Says Intel Source | Observer
For every day of his presidency—657 so far, if you’re counting—the issue of Donald J. Trump’s ties to Russia has darkened the Oval Office door. Since May 17, 2017, when former FBI director Robert S. Mueller was appointed Special Counsel to unravel Trump’s secret Kremlin linkages, the president has seethed, his rage seeping into his tweets. From its first day, President Trump has wanted to quash the Mueller investigation, and now he’s making his move.
But is it already too late? There’s mounting evidence it is, specifically that Team Mueller is ready to strike imminently with indictments, no matter what the White House does.
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Has Mueller Subpoenaed the President? - POLITICO Magazine
A careful reading of court filings suggests the special counsel hasn’t been quiet. Far from it.
By NELSON W. CUNNINGHAM October 31, 2018
Nelson W. Cunningham has served as a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York under Rudy Giuliani, general counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee under then-Chair Joe Biden, and general counsel of the White House Office of Administration under Bill Clinton.
These months before the midterm elections are tough ones for all of us Mueller-watchers. As we expected, he has gone quiet in deference to longstanding Justice Department policy that prosecutors should not take actions that might affect pending elections. Whatever he is doing, he is doing quietly and even further from the public eye than usual.
But thanks to some careful reporting by Politico, which I have analyzed from my perspective as a former prosecutor, we might have stumbled upon How Robert Mueller Is Spending His Midterms: secretly litigating against President Donald Trump for the right to throw him in the grand jury.
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Who Is Jacob Wohl? Pro-Trump Twitter Personality Mocked Over Fake Mueller Sexual Assault Allegations
After he was implicated in a conspiracy to concoct false sexual-assault allegations against special counsel Robert Mueller, Jacob Wohl, a prominent young supporter of President Donald Trump on social media, was ruthlessly mocked on Twitter for a hack job at covering his tracks.
Wohl, 20, who has been accused of defrauding investors in his financial firms, is known for peddling conspiracy theories, far-right talking points and boosting Trump on his social media accounts.
It looks as if Wohl is behind a pretend company called Surefire Intelligence named Tuesday on documents published by The Gateway Pundit, a far-right fake-news website for which he writes, alleging Mueller was accused of raping a woman.
The Gateway Pundit quickly took down the article and the documents. “Earlier today we were given information on accusations against former FBI Director Robert Mueller,” Jim Hoft, the editor, wrote in their place.
“We took the documents down and we are currently investigating these accusations. There are also very serious allegations against Jacob Wohl. We are also looking into this.”
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The Comically Flawed Attempt to Smear Robert Mueller, Explained
A plot to accuse Special Counsel Robert Mueller of sexual assault has fallen apart in a truly remarkable and public fashion.
What appears to have been a ham-handed effort to smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller with allegations of sexual assault has been referred to the FBI for further investigation, Mueller’s office confirmed, as increasing evidence indicated the episode was a poorly executed stunt tied to a right-wing lobbyist and a 20-year-old financial securities fraudster turned pro-Trump Twitter influencer.
A Big Announcement
On 30 October 2018, conservative pundit and lobbyist Jack Burkman announced that he would be holding a press conference on 1 November 2018 to reveal the identity of a woman who he said claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller...
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Special Counsel Refers Scheme Targeting Mueller to FBI - The Atlantic
The special counsel says a woman was offered money to fabricate sexual-harassment claims.
A company that appears to be run by a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist offered to pay women to make false claims against Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the days leading up to the midterm elections—and the special counsel’s office has asked the FBI to weigh in. “When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation,” the Mueller spokesman Peter Carr told me in an email on Tuesday.
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