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Django Models - Designing Data Model for Discussion Forum (Charcha)
This is the second post in the Django Blog Series. In this post we will go through the data modelling of a discussion forum application in Django. This post is inspired from the data model design of Charcha Discussion Forum. You can find the full code for the charcha forum here.
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At DoorDash, most of our backend is currently based in Django and Python. The scrappy Django codebase from our early days has evolved and matured over the years as our business has grown. To continue to scale, we’ve also started to migrate our monolithic app towards a microservices architecture.
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(8) Philly ETE 2017 #4 - Saving Black Friday: Clojure to the Rescue - Alexander Solovyov - YouTube
Monday, 22 May 2017 Panellists: Niki Savva, Journalist and author; Lawrence M. Krauss, Theoretical Physicist & Cosmologist; Mikhail Zygar, Russian journalist...
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