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Introduction to Class-Based Views
Fantastic overview of creating class-based views in Django
django  class-based-views  webapp 
2 days ago by ste
Django vs Flask: A Practictioner's Perspective -
This analysis is a comparison of 2 python web frameworks, Flask and Django. It discusses their features and how their technical philosophies impact software developers. It is based on my experience using both, as well as time spent personally admiring both codebases.
django  flask 
3 days ago by shearichard
inueni/django-subadmin: A special kind of ModelAdmin that allows it to be nested within another ModelAdmin
django-subadmin - A special kind of ModelAdmin that allows it to be nested within another ModelAdmin
django  admin 
4 days ago by stahl
User Authentication with Django REST Framework
User Authentication is a simple concept, but when it comes to properly implementing it in Django, things can get complicated. Learn how to do it right.
django  authentication  django-rest-framework 
4 days ago by john_oshea

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