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High-Level Summit To Drive Ambitious Action On Global Shipping’s Decarbonization Challenge…
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Silicon Valley disrupts your light switch on its return to the smart home
OCTOBER 27, 2017 | Financial Times | Tim Bradshaw in Los Angeles.

Noon’s $400 “smart lighting system” is one of those hoping to tap into Amazon’s Alexa platform. Its “Room Director” incorporates an OLED display — the same kind of touchscreen technology used in the new iPhone X — and bulb-detecting algorithms to create “layered lighting”, with an array of scenes and moods. 

Noon’s $50m funding is large for a company that, until Thursday’s debut in US stores, had not begun to sell any products. Its backers argue the sum reflects the capital costs of building a high-quality consumer product, as well as the scale of the opportunity: 144m residential light switches are sold every year, Mr Charlton notes. 

“It is one of these unloved, overlooked products that has relatively boring incumbents that haven’t paid attention to the needs of the market,” says Rob Coneybeer, partner at Shasta Ventures, one of Noon’s earlier investors. “You probably hit a light switch at least 10 times a day. The only other product that has that level of engagement in your life is your smartphone.” 

There are few simpler technologies in the home than the humble light switch, which for most people works reliably without the addition of WiFi or Bluetooth. 
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Small Business Trends: Brian Solis Discusses the Evolution of Customer Experience at NextCon17 - Brian Solis
We live in an age of continual disruption. One wave follows another. And with the good comes the challenges. Speaking at the NextCon17 conference in Scottsdale, Arizona Oct. 23 – 25, 2017, Brian Solis, a principal analyst studying disruptive technology and its impact on business at Altimeter Group, explained why all this disruption has given us so many new tech trends and “so many new things to learn.”
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happens almost every day. The reality is that must have two strengths - we must live in a wor…
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Disruptive Innovation
Disruptor Disruptee
Personal computers Mainframe and mini computers
Mini mills Integrated steel mills
Cellular phones Fixed line telephony
Community colleges Four-year colleges
Discount retailers Full-service department stores
Retail medical clinics Traditional doctor’s offices
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The Four Stages of Disruption - Recode
e in the past, reflected in a new way. Potential risk is being leapfrogged by even newer technologies and bus
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