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@biancawylie I cannot tell if this is parody or real life, and I screencapped it because Sidewalk will make sure it…
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7 days ago by pgslr
Reinventing After-Sales Service In A Subscription Economy World
"91% of manufacturers are investing in predictive analytics in the next 12 months, and 50% consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) a major planned investment for 2019 to support their subscription-based business models.
New subscription business models and smart, connected products are freeing manufacturers up from competing for one-time transaction revenues to recurring revenues based on subscriptions.
By 2020, manufacturers are predicting 67% of their product portfolios will be smart, connected products according to an excellent study by Capgemini."
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7 days ago by jonerp
RT : Software glitch traps woman's child in her $TSLA Model 3

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18 days ago by edelagrave
Meditation in the Time of Disruption - The Ringer
And while I appreciate the story’s climactic overtones and the zigzag way the monk lands the “firewood” punch line, I suspect the lesson—if one could frame it as such—would be to forget the tree and disappear quietly into the chopping.

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20 days ago by cglinka
Be Prepared for Disruption: Thinking the New Unthinkables
“zombie orthodoxies.” These leaders rise through the ranks listening and conforming to those like them.
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24 days ago by tom.reeder

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